2020 Episodes

All of the Lippy & Grumpy podcasts from 2020 for your delight!

Episode 11

Lippy & Grumpy’s Christmas Message

Lippy & Grumpy wish you a peaceful day, the best that your personal circumstances allow

2020 Episode 11  |   1 min

Episode 10

Job news from Lippy, what 3 words disagreement, a Christmas playlist from Davros, sheep coughs and top tips for a stress free Christmas

Lippy’s new job, what 3 words disagreement, chaotic CD collections, a Christmas playlist from Davros, sheep coughs, phantom alarms and top tips for a stress free Christmas from Lippy & Grumpy and Simon Rimmer

2020 Episode 10  |   31 min

Episode 9

Lots of listener feedback, toilet twinning, this week’s news, job interviews and the joy of monopoly

Die Hard IS a Christmas film, Home Alone might not be. How to twin your toilet, Lippy has a bone to pick and we talk about the odd interviews we have had and being the other side of the desk. We have some winning tips for Monopoly plus a list of areas of the game that can cause argument.

2020 Episode 9  |   39 min

Episode 8

Sandwich update, Formula 1 accidents, the disappointment of cooking and Christmas films

Listener’s bizarre sandwich fillings, Orange Marshal 2 and black pudding, motorsport accidents and the role of the media and social media, does any recipe turn out anything like the photograph in the cookery book, and is Die Hard a Christmas film? There’s a Lippy Top Tip and a Grumpy Fact.

2020 Episode 8  |    43 min

Episode 7

Listener feedback, mostly about camping, not much news, sandwiches and Christmas cards

We’ve had another email from Davros, listener’s caravanning calamities and Lippy & Grumpy’s top tips for driving in snow. We discuss the best sandwich, make a startling discovery, have a very long discussion about how to cut the sandwich and agree on a filling for all sandwiches.

Christmas cards are our next topic, with Grumpy revealing a surprise and Lippy explaining why her friends won’t be getting cards this year. There’s a Lippy Top Tip and a Grumpy Fact.

2020 Episode 7  |    37 min

Episode 6

Black pudding shock, more from Davros, Imperial Leather soap, the Doobie Brothers and an extended guest feature on the joy of camping

Grumpy owns up to a bit of a mix up with the ISS and is reassured about black pudding in a team meeting. We have more from Davros, tasting notes from trying Santa’s Yumnuts and Lippy announces she won’t be marshalling at the postponed Jigsaw Run next year, and that has nothing to do with it being colder and probably wetter in February. Grumpy has a revelation about the Imperial Soap label and a confession about the Doobie Brothers.

This week we discuss at some length the joy of camping with our first guest, The Frozen Camper. Having camped for over 15 years at Acton Field Campsite near Swanage in Dorset, we amble through the view, shower etiquette, climbing trees, long walks, French mobile phone signals, games and practical jokes.

2020 Episode 6   |    37 min

Episode 5

Lippy makes an important announcement, more full English breakfast news, Friday 13th and Christmas music

Accompanied by live sound effects, Lippy makes an important announcement.

A listener sends in his breakfast tips including only stirring scrambled eggs one way, the new M&S Christmas treat, should artificial Christmas trees be called “fake” and bamboo underpants.

Friday 13th, Christmas songs, Lippy’s Top Tip and Grumpy’s Fact of the Week.

2020 Episode 5   |    34 min

Episode 4

The perfect full English breakfast, post-it notes and do cats have owners or staff?

Lippy & Grumpy mull over their idea of the perfect English breakfast and there’s some controversy with black pudding and scrambled eggs.

There is some swooning over post-it notes, both paper and digital plus a top tip on separating post-it notes so they will never curl again.

Lastly we weigh up whether cats have owners or staff decide that they are royalty and have subjects.

2020 Episode 4   |    43 min

Episode 3

Mince pies, Marmite & Peanut butter, a new Aldi store, dog bites, Halloween, things dropping from the sky and Google Maps

Lippy explains the history of the mince pie and the excitement of a new Aldi store opening, an avid listener recounts their experience with Marmite and peanut butter (it wasn’t good) and Grumpy suffers a blow to the head by a tree, is bitten by a dog and misses a British Airways 747 landing at Dunsfold all in the same day.

There’s some job news from Lippy, or maybe not, plus we discuss the origin and inevitable commercialisation of Halloween (more of a rant, really), things that drop out of trees and the sky in general onto cars plus has Google Maps lost its way and is causing Crazy Ivans?

Buried deep in the rambling podcast are a few fun facts, but we’re not going to tell you where otherwise you wouldn’t listen to it all!

2020 Episode 3   |    35 min

Episode 2

All female impregnation, the joy of reply-all emails and should mince pies be eaten before December

Lippy attempts to explain all female impregnation, Grumpy has a bit of a rant about reply all emails and opinion is divided whether mince pies should be consumed before December.

Following the inaugural episode last week, both Lippy & Grumpy are stunned to see the download figure, confusion about wife of Grumpy is cleared up, as is the display used in a display pregnancy tester. A major mistake in the editing of the end of last week’s episode suggests that those who said they listened to the end may not have actually done that, or were too polite to point out the glaring error. Meanwhile Grumpy has been sacked from editing and Lippy is taking over.

All this, plus driving licence holograms, netball and a podcast about pirates.

2020 Episode 2   |    30 min

Episode 1

Digital pregnancy testers, cheese, Aldi and Christmas adverts

In this episode filled to the brim with useful facts, find out about what is in a digital pregnancy tester, Lippy’s favourite cheese, why she wants to open an Aldi store and where have all the Christmas adverts gone?

There’s also allotment news, fun with sewing machines, the case of the mystery alarm noise at the Grumpy house and confusion about wives, husbands and the spelling of geese.

2020 Episode 1   |    38 min

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