2021 Episodes

All of Lippy & Grumpy’s podcasts from 2021 for your delight!

Episode 54

Peter Pan, wedding dress shopping, is metal a liquid, holding an owl and car stereos

Plus, horseshoes, the Peddling Picasso, Money Heist, sound mirrors, Rik Mayall and royal compost. Full episode details…
2021 Episode 54 | 35 min

Episode 53

Non-sovereign state Sealand, Lippy’s wedding dress shopping, misquoting film lines and massive vegetables

Plus, sour sweets, bonfire night, Horatio Nelson, sliding into DMs and Davy Crockett. Full episode details…
2021 Episode 53 | 39 min

Episode 52

Bond at Beaulieu, Christmas film decorations, washing machine filters and our audio advent calendar

Plus, motorbike adventures, a space travelling corned beef sandwich, Christmas decorations, the Thames Barrier, Costco trips and throwing money in ponds. Full episode details…
2021 Episode 52 | 39 min

Episode 51

More baked beans, vending machine sausages, aggressive otters and can you have too much pi?

Plus, we’re on Audible, listener stories, spelling names, Lego conveyor belts and restocking for Halloween. Full episode details…
2021 Episode 51 | 33 min

Episode 50

Captain Kirk goes into space, RUCSAC, sprinkle gate and Lippy’s new clock

Plus, TV confusion, iZombie, not using the letter E, an anatomically correct reindeer, baked beans and a Jaws podcast. Full episode details…
2021 Episode 50 | 37 min

Episode 49

Batman, satellites, Captain Kirk, and we’re beginning  to talk a lot like Christmas

Plus, wedding planning, subway pushers, squareials, the new Lancia Delta and more biscuits. Full episode details…
2021 Episode 49 | 34 min

Episode 48

Lippy’s engaged. And some other stuff

Plus, scaring hitchhikers, burnt chopping boards, siphoning fuel, The Shark is Broken, Edinburgh Fringe and our favourite biscuits. Full episode details…

2021 Episode 48 | 35 min

Episode 47

Thunderbirds Day, Grumpy’s new favourite joke, Lippy’s late night adventure and Ed Sheeran’s pond

Plus, defibrillators, unusual customs around the world, the 2021 IG Nobel awards for beard research, the Mini Moke and playing golf on the moon. Full episode details…

2021 Episode 47 | 40 min

Episode 46

We’ve found a new cement mixer, a bowl of custard, unusual police names and cooling pavements

Plus, podcast history, busted myths, dragon boat tug of war, tomato record smashed and going berserk. Full episode details…

2021 Episode 46 | 33 min

Episode 45

Grumpy slips in some car related topics, our favourite gameshows and lots of listener feedback

Plus, DIY Sunday, another car breakdown and why are there so many mattress adverts on the TV? Full episode details…

2021 Episode 45 | 37 min

Episode 44

Twotter spotter merch, Lippy order chaos, flying through a tunnel and why don’t you see new cement mixers

Plus, the mystery object revealed, scooters from 1916, Christmas has started, making fertilizer from urine, shutting doors on a Tesla and cooking salmon in a dishwasher. Full episode details…

2021 Episode 44 | 34 min

Episode 43

We’re back from the long hot summer that wasn’t very hot nor long

Plus, more breakdowns, pipes, a mystery object, bonkers engineering projects, decorating, Grumpy’s new obsessions and Zippo lighters. Full episode details…

2021 Episode 43 | 37 min

Episode 42

Our consumer advice has worked, Grumpy’s breakdown, last minute ordering and the Dorking Sicario

Plus, Lippy is older than Google, smart motorways, Cornish cider farm tickets, hot drinks on a hot day, cleaning glasses, Stan Larkin and rhubarb. Full episode details…

2021 Episode 42 | 38 min

Episode 41

Blue Origin’s space flight, pirate names, onion harvest and twin temperature top tips

Plus, Lippy’s eaten a lot of Cornish pasties, AI news, 10km fundraiser, a wobbling moon, clots in Dorset, the amazing Clearvoice and sinkhole update . Full episode details…
2021 Episode 41 | 36 min

Episode 40

Expanding cars, sinkhole watch, an unusual flute, the Karman line and hot glue guns

Plus, Monopoly, To Good To Go bags, squid in space, a rogue top tip and Ernest Hemmingway

2021 Episode 40 | 35 min

Episode 39

Grumpy’s found the sound effects button, the return of Davros, flat pack furniture frenzy and unintended inventions

Plus, miniscule solder repair, bacon naan roll gate, BakeryScan, video streaming direct to the brain and why it’s never over AND out

2021 Episode 39 | 36 min

Latest Episode

Puzzled pigeons, kamikaze kangaroos, an enigmatic elephant and some cars

Plus, DIY, carnivals, broken down busses, tiddlywinks counters in strange places, sinkhole update and dressing for Zoom

2021 Episode 38 | 36 min

Episode 37

Lippy’s starting DIY, a twotter has been spotted, racing pigeons with maps and sink hole update

Plus, stair climbing daleks, father’s day cards, lucky squirrels, animal photographs,  Doom on a lightbulb and mapping the London blitz

2021 Episode 37 | 34 min

Episode 36

As Lippy is still unpacking boxes, in this pre-recorded episode, we talk about kayaking and open plan offices

No news this week, nevertheless our view on kayaking and a bit of a Grumpy rant about open plan offices

2021 Episode 36 | 38 min

Episode 36

Eggs in the fridge, 10 year old Worcestershire sauce, Dalek cartoons and the astro turfed house

Plus, tracing bullets, packing the house up, the excitement of a new vacuum cleaner holes in the road and overgrown allotments

2021 Episode 35 | 38 min

Episode 34

Lippy admits being wrong, Grumpy’s Center Parc trip, pizza toppings and a dull top tip

Plus, the Friends reunion, Lippy’s attempt at gluten free living and Grumpy’s Brussel sprout massacre

2021 Episode 34 | 37 min

Episode 33

Grumpy’s had a night in jail, the very short Westray flight, Lippy’s house packing schedule and lead shoes

Plus, a Mile of Minis, a wi-fi/internet lesson and feeding people helping you move

2021 Episode 33 | 39 min

Episode 32

Zoom Queen Jackie Weaver, a dodgy Autotrader advert, Zippo lighters and pizza vending machines

Plus, Zippo lighters, shooting into the air, Lippy’s house move and marking boxes with coloured tape

2021 Episode 32 | 38 min

Episode 31

Davros solves the gnome shortage,  a sandwich snatching seagull, free parking and a WD40 based top tip

Plus a football rant, Zoom calls from the car, Dunsfold mystery solved, the Dunning-Kruger effect and another Lippy rant, sorry!

2021 Episode 31 | 40 min

Episode 30

Line of Duty disappointment, deep fried caterpillar cake, rounders team names and a worldwide gnome shortage

Plus “I thought it said beard dripper”, out of talent, falling off a cliff, left over screws, Top Golf and a historic fact

2021 Episode 30 | 32 min

Episode 29

It’s Lippy’s birthday and some other stuff

Plus caterpillar cake wars, magnolia paint, postal ballot nightmare and the Josh “fight”

2021 Episode 29 | 33 min

Episode 28

Caterpillar cakegate, peep holes for huskies, Zoom failures and Line of Duty spoilers

Plus, we decode an email from Davros, Grumpy recommends a series on iPlayer and Lippy has a shout out on Radio 1

2021 Episode 28 | 36 min

Episode 27

Prince Philip, the Red Flag Act, dodgy Private Eye advert and Lippy’s eye test

Plus, car facts disguised as history, return of The Apprentice, more earth drilling, are estate agents aliens and a superglue incident

2021 Episode 27 | 38 min

Episode 26

Paul Ritter, not much love for Branston Smooth, Extreme E, an exclusive sailing club and a random topic generator

We are very sad at the passing of Paul Ritter a wonderful man and fantastic actor. Grumpy has uncovered an exciting new motorsport series and an exclusive sailing club for those who have had incidents on water. We decide to give the random question generator a try, listen to find out how we got on.

2021 Episode 26 | 45 min

Episode 25

Banana skins, brothers in business, Branston smooth pickle, holding your breath and Easter

Lots of interesting facts and discussion in this week’s Lippy & Grumpy, plus some deviations you won’t see coming! We start discussing Easter and somehow end up talking about how hard the TV show Only Connect is to mere mortals and how rubbish the prize is.

2021 Episode 25 | 42 min

Episode 24

Egg balancing, a smoke alarm tale, the laughing duck, giving flowers and short passwords

In this week’s episode both Lippy & Grumpy are having trouble saying words, we have house news, experiments, a listener story, the laughing duck, is sending flowers morbid and don’t use short passwords

2021 Episode 24 | 42 min

Episode 23

Murray Walker, Shrek hats, the spring equinox, waving at drivers and an annoying smoke detector

A tribute to Murray Walker and the word stopwatch, fig plant roots, Shrek hats, the spring equinox, balancing eggs and the god of wine. Grumpy likes to wave at other drivers in similar vehicles and is distracted by a chirping smoke detector. A Lippy top tip (from the Lippy brain) and a Grumpy fun fact.

2021 Episode 23 | 37 min

Episode 22

Fire marshal face off, house hunting, growing teeth, car badges, rhubarb and exploding switches

More confusion about the fire marshal’s role, Lippy’s frustration with house hunting, can we grow teeth and make dentist trips less painful, are changing car badges ushering in a new transport era and Grumpy has been taking switches to pieces.

2021 Episode 22 | 37 min

Episode 21

Burying the cat twice, back seat flyers, the Canadian-Danish war, ace rally driver Hannu Mikkola and a Lippy top tip best avoided

Why a listener buried the same cat twice, children on planes, TikTok videos and deep faking, more fun on Zoom, velvet worms, handbrake failures and handbrake turns
2021 Episode 2 | 44 min

Episode 20

Learning resuscitation using a computer, lockdown haircut disasters, the joy of Shrek and never read the comments

In this news filled episode, we look at the lighter news stories, with our unique spin, including drilling through the earth’s core (again), online resuscitation exam, Grumpy’s lockdown haircut disaster, the Shrek trilogy, eating at a prison, hissy fits on Iceland’s University Challenge and the best place to sit on a plane.

2021 Episode 19 | 32 min

Episode 19

Leerdammer roulette, James Fridman, giving blood incident, Weetabix and cats on Zoom

Grumpy has invented Leerdammer Roulette, but Leerdammer have thought of that, Lippy’s had another giving blood incident, would you put baked beans on Weetabix, cats on Zoom and much more.

2021 Episode 19 | 32 min

Episode 18

Handforth Parish Council, mistakes from last week, where is the “merch”, washing machine injuries, Gorilla Glue and dead cat analogies

The Handforth Parish Council meeting is funny and alarming, we made a few mistakes last week, including thinking Mombassa was a country.  Davros is asking where is the “merch” and we have a good excuse, Lippy has suffered an washing machine injury too small for the naked eye, using Gorilla Glue on your hair and we discuss two dead cat analogies .

2021 Episode 18 | 37 min

Episode 17

Grumpy has a bit of a rant, and then a bit more, missing appointments, Die Hard 94 and do cars fit in garages anymore

The not a car podcast talks about the Renault EV, 1960’s concept cars and do cars fit in garages anymore.

Also, news from Davros & the Orange Marshals, the words influencer and calm down have Grumpy a bit wound up, Lippy has had a trying few days and we have a recommended film.

2021 Episode 17  |   51 min

Episode 16

A limping dog, Bernie Sanders, the new Lada Niva and music festivals

News from the week, including a limping dog, that Bernie Saunders mitten photograph and the new Lada Niva, which Grumpy is very excited about. Then an extended chat with DJ Fin about music festivals that we hope will be back in 2021.

2021 Episode 16  |   53 min

Episode 15

Podcast ratings, underpants, merchandise, electric vehicles and all about going vegan

Grumpy discovers leaving a podcast rating is tricky, a laugh about the Joe Wicks incident, trouble with underpant delivery, L&G merch, a new Netflix series and all about vegan food with our special guest, DJ Fin.

2021 Episode 15  |   42 min

Episode 14

Leftovers from last week, a Grumpy rant, working from home and conspiracy theories

Audio upgrade to SquadCast, leftovers from last week, including Davros’ weekly email, a rant about overused and spent phrases, Lippy’s diet, working from home and conspiracy theories, including fake moon landings and flat earthers.

2021 Episode 14  |   42 min

Episode 13

Davros is back online, more apologising, eReaders, buying a house and Lippy has a very odd Top Tip

Post Christmas upload mix up for Grumpy and online success for Davros, Lippy’s chocolate diet, eReaders, confusion over the weight of cooked and uncooked chicken and the stress of buying a house, which somehow leads to discussing what constitutes a carnival. Lippy’s Top Tip is quite frankly ridiculous and Grumpy has an amazing fact about the Easter Island heads.

2021 Episode 13  |   34 min

Episode 12

Happy New Year! Our highlights from a particularly trying year

Lippy & Grumpy look back on mostly good things from a difficult year including an amazing test pilot, the smell & sound of MIG welding and the long hot summer of 2020

2021 Episode 12  |   25 min

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