2022 Episodes

All of the Lippy & Grumpy podcasts from 2022 for your delight!

Episode 62

Tea tin tirade, lost passports, recycling facemasks and fish operated vehicles

Plus, Lippy’s bathroom, bridal customs, lidar sensors, black eyed peas, low level letter boxes and a donkey called Kevin. Full episode details…

2022 Episode 62 | 37 min

Episode 61

War of the Worlds, teapots, large refund cheques and how to win at roulette

Plus, Shine Night Walk, Grumpy’s ideal bungalow and watching planes land in a storm. Full episode details…

2022 Episode 61 | 35 min

Episode 60

The Long Tom Pass, Great White sharks, potato milk, two Grumpy rants and an electric road

Plus, football matches, live listener feedback, vehicle recovery operators, filming locations, caravans, bathrooms, teapots that don’t pour and hustle films. Full episode details…

2022 Episode 60 | 38 min

Episode 59

Celebrity cheques, selling jars, the Loch Ness Monster and selling a country

Plus, Funko Pops, bathroom tiling, Winter Olympics, The Apprentice and skiing. Full episode details…

2022 Episode 59 | 36 min

Episode 2

A touch of deja vu, plastic eating bacteria, rogue vacuum cleaners and weird Olympic sports

Plus, Steven Bartlett, plant based diets, all you can eat food influencers, The Apprentice, and the World Rally Championship. Full episode details…

2022 Episode 58 | 35 min

Episode 57

Excuses and a broken shark

Excuses for the last two weeks and our visit to The Shark is Broken. Full episode details…

2022 Episode 57 | 10 min

Episode 55

Sucking the monkey, the F1 crash bill for 2021, synthetic fuel and a Lippy double bill

Plus, Lippy has job news and Grumpy has medical news. Information from the Screaming Tomato, a quiz win for Davros, reusable Christmas card confusion, James Bond’s real job, ventriloquists, wedding invites, Tesla emission tax bill, goats pupils and bus stop gardens. Full episode details…

2022 Episode 55 | 31 min

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