Episode 2

All female impregnation, the joy of reply-all emails and should mince pies be eaten before December

2020, Episode 2   |   30 min

Lippy attempts to explain all female impregnation, Grumpy has a bit of a rant about reply all emails and opinion is divided whether mince pies should be consumed before December.

Following the inaugural episode last week, both Lippy & Grumpy are stunned to see the download figure, confusion about wife of Grumpy is cleared up, as is the display used in a display pregnancy tester. A major mistake in the editing of the end of last week’s episode suggests that those who said they listened to the end may not have actually done that, or were too polite to point out the glaring error. Meanwhile Grumpy has been sacked from editing and Lippy is taking over.

All this, plus driving licence holograms, netball and a podcast about pirates.

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