Episode 3

Mince pies, Marmite & Peanut butter, a new Aldi store, dog bites, Halloween, things dropping from the sky and Google Maps

2020, Episode 3   |   35 min

Following on from last week, we have an update on eating mince pies before December (Grumpy was right) and a listener contacts us with experience of Marmite and Peanut Butter (it wasn’t good) and provides a cracking Jurassic Park quote (no, it wasn’t Alan Partridge).

Lippy has a job interview at last, nevertheless is more excited about the opening of the nearby Aldi and how well the products are lined up on the shelves and leaves with bread, milk and a new sewing machine. See our new Instagram feed for pictures of the store’s opening.

Meanwhile, Grumpy finds out that it’s best not to hold you hand out to appease a growling dog, gets hit on the head by a tree and misses a British Airways 747 landing at Dunsfold Park.

Lippy talks about the history of Halloween and in originating from when the 1st November was the start of the year. Grumpy can’t work out how this leads to the concept of trick or treat and explains why it’s not worth knocking on the Grumpy household on the 31st October if he’s the only one in.

Things have been falling from the sky, including large acorns, pigeons and golf balls. All of which have nothing to do with Joey Tribbiani, yet somehow we make the connection.

Our attention turns to Google Maps and the chaos it can cause, highlighted by a longer than expected trip by a member of the Grumpy household.

Finally Grumpy recommends one of his favourite podcasts, Collecting Cars Podcast hosted by Top Gear’s Chris Harris. Chris has interviewed some amazing legends in the automotive world, including Gordon Murray (who Grumpy once nearly mowed down in a car park) and Nicky Grist, co-driver to many rally drivers including Colin McRae and Juha Kankkunen.

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