Episode 6

Black pudding shock, more from Davros, Imperial Leather soap, the Doobie Brothers and an extended guest feature on the joy of camping

2020, Episode 6   |   37 min

There was a bit of a mix up between IIS and ISS in last week’s episode tags, which Grumpy apologises for and Lippy fails to notice. We discuss whether the drumming was to loud and sudden last week and Grumpy has a black pudding related shock in a team meeting.

There’s another long eloquent email from Davros. the voice of Skaro, when he points out a Norse/Greek god mix up and goes on to say many things we can’t broadcast. Somewhat dismissive of bamboo clothing he suggests a trip to the zoo. Lippy has the panda picture from a bamboo product, which we agree seems a bit cruel.

Panda on a bamboo product

Panda on a bamboo product, is that a bit cruel?

We tried Marks & Spencer’s Santa’s Yumnuts and they are very good! Sadly the Jigsaw 10k Run has been postponed until 28 February 2021 and Lippy can’t make it.

Grumpy has discovered why Imperial Leather soap has a label and Lippy is convinced that nobody buys bars of soap any more. A discussion ensues and Grumpy points out that a recently installed shower comes with a soap tray.

The Imperial Leather soap label in action and proof soap dishes exist

The Imperial Leather soap label in action and proof that soap dishes exist

Next for discussion is the Doobie Brothers, a band formed in 1970 and the origin of their name.

We have our first guest! The Joy of Camping is an extended feature with The Frozen Camper where we amble through over 15 years of camping at Acton Field Campsite near Swanage in Dorset.

The idyllic setting of Acton Field Campsite near Swanage

The idyllic setting of Acton Field Campsite near Swanage

The Frozen Camper, so called because she looks cold almost all of the time, reveals her love of washing up, of all things. The temporary lifting of the “no number two” rule is the camper van is discussed before moving on to the climbing tree and slight confusion for Lippy about the rules of 40-40. The concept of Swanage Burn is mentioned, an affliction that only the Frozen Camper suffers from and only on the first day of sunshine.

Epic walks along the Dorset coast to the Square & Compass pub via the misnamed spiky monument bring back happy memories as does French mobile phone reception in the Square & Compass garden.

Square & Compass pub, Worth Matravers

Square & Compass pub, Worth Matravers

We reminisce about Swanage Regatta Week and an unexpected end to a swimming competition and then on to the camp breakfast, prepared in a massive paella pan

The magnificent paella pan breakfast

The magnificent paella pan breakfast

Annual shopping of bikini and board shorts leads to a Grumpy rant about flip-flops, the theft of the wee bucket and whether you can brine a chicken (the topics are related, honest!).

The Frozen Camper talks about the hot topic of showers and with 20p buying 3 minutes of showering, how many 20ps do you need? Somehow we discover Lippy is using Joey Tribbiani as a form of moral compass. Very odd.

Camping means board games, card games and practical jokes. Lippy claims to be a card shark and the Frozen Camper walks us through a number of practical jokes involving toothpaste, Oreos, a bin liner and aftershave, although not all at the same time.

The Frozen Camper points out that set up can make Grumpy grumpy, which is true and then she tries to explain how to get half of Millets into a small car. There are two schools of thought for packing up and we talk about the Load it Like Biff approach, where you simply stuff it all in the back of the car and sort it out when you get home.

Grumpy, predictably,  states that campervans are better than caravans and surprises Lippy by liking trailer tents.

We finish by hoping 2021 brings us more camping trips than this year. Once it’s warm.

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