Episode 7

Listener feedback, mostly about camping, not much news, sandwiches and Christmas cards

2020, Episode 7   |   37 min

We had a bit of a recording problem early on, so there may be a few odd bits of editing, sorry!

Davros’ emailed comment about Radio 1 caused a bit of a Lippy rant, and his love of Wright’s Coal Tar Soap brought appreciation from Grumpy and a puzzled look from Lippy.

Grumpy admits to liking the teardrop caravan and a listener relives his caravan calamity. There’s not much news from Lippy & Grumpy this week, nevertheless they ramble on and come up with top tips for driving in snow.

We turn our attention to a the best sandwich and discover that both Lippy and Grumpy like a 99p supermarket special, and with what filling?

A cheese and onion sandwich these!
Lippy talks about Costa’s Friends inspired Christmas sandwich and there is a very long discussion about sandwich shapes.
Costa's Ross sandwich
We find an amazing sandwich website and conclude that all sandwiches should include one filling. No prizes for guessing what that is.

In discussing Christmas cards Grumpy makes an expected confession and Lippy explains why her friends and family won’t be receiving Christmas cards from here and it’s not because she doesn’t want to send them.

We have a slightly unusual Top Tip from Lippy and a out of this world Grumpy fact.

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