Episode 8

Sandwich update, Formula 1 accidents, the disappointment of cooking and Christmas films

2020, Episode 8   |   43 min

An apology about last week’s editing, less about Radio 1, more about Autotune, sandwich feedback from listeners, including bizarre combos and a second Orange Marshal joins the fray, weighing in with black pudding preferences.

We talk extensively about the Formula 1 accident in Bahrain, although it’s several minutes before we mention the words Formula 1, so you may be confused about what we’re talking about! Grumpy talks about how much exposure events such as accidents should get, relating to live and televised motorsport incidents that occurred before social media.

Our first main topic is The Disappointment of Cooking, where the end result looks nothing like the picture in the recipe book and how the words “leave to cool” strike terror in the middle of a kitchen nightmare.

Then there is Christmas films, which Lippy have been binge watching whilst waiting for a start date for her new job. Grumpy has a surprise confession and we discuss whether Die Hard is a Christmas film, although Lippy has never seen it, and the drive in cinema at Dunsfold Park coming in December.

We finish off with a top tip from Lippy and an astonishing (if true) fact from Grumpy.

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