Episode 9

Lots of listener feedback, toilet twinning, this week’s news, job interviews and the joy of monopoly

2020, Episode 9   |   39 min

We’ve had feed back form several listeners this week, including, as ever, Davros. Christmas films peaked interest and we’ve found definitive proof that Die Hard is a Christmas film, and come to the conclusion that Home Alone isn’t.

In the ramble through the week’s events we discuss another 747 making it’s final flight to Dunsfold Park.

Boeing 747 descending to land at Dunsfold Park

Also how to help others by twinning your toilet and Lippy has a bone to pick with a Christmas card.

Grumpy has had 40 years worth of job interview stories including the job with no interview and the one with the Underground Station. Lippy has had a few odd interviews too and we’ve both have had interviews for jobs they are extremely under qualified for. Astonishingly Lippy and Grumpy have conducted interviews and find them more terrifying than being interviewed.

Then it’s onto Monopoly a game that divides family and friends, particularly at this time of year. We have some top winning tips for you, including a board heat map and aiming to spend time in jail, plus the most likely cause for arguments. Avoid some of these by reading the rules!

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Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Christmas Light Trail: https://www.pth.org.uk/event/tuckwellschristmaslightstour/

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