Episode 12

Happy New Year! Our highlights from a particularly trying year

2021, Episode 12   |   25 min

Grumpy apologies for a Die Hard timing mishap and declares 2020 as The Year of the Pyjama.

Lippy says 2020 was an excuse for all sorts of activity and Grumpy is distressed at the age of “if you don’t agree, you are an idiot” mindset.

Moving to happier topics, we discuss the life of Chuck Yeager, awesome test pilot who dies at the age of 97. Grumpy bought annual travel insurance for the first time this year, and confesses to loving the smell and sound of MIG welding having completed a course at WTF Workshops. We both agree the long hot summer of 2020 was superb, with Lippy making the most of it. Grumpy’s top discover for the year was the Imperial Leather soap label.

Lippy & Grumpy agree not to set New Year resolutions and are shocked to see Easter Eggs in the shops. There’s a long discussion about why the date of Easter moves and we work out how to work the date out.

In wishing our listeners Happy New Year we stumble into Dave Allen and David Beckham. Only on a Lippy & Grumpy podcast!

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