Episode 15

Podcast ratings, underpants, merchandise, electric vehicles and all about going vegan

2021, Episode 15   |  42 min

It turns out adding a review for a podcast is trickier than we thought, however we’re on the case and you can leave a review at lippyandgrumpy.uk/review. Lippy is hoping for a similar deal with Spotify as Harry & Megan.

We’ve had a complimentary email from one of Grumpy’s fellow Lions. Grumpy claims that the unscripted, scripted sound for the podcast is down to his editing skills.

Davros has been experimenting with weighing himself and attempting to have two Alexas talk to one another. Grumpy has another attempt at annoying Alexa owners.

We have a chuckle at the Joe Wicks incident from last week, at our great age we still find that funny.

Grumpy has trouble getting his hands on the bamboo underpants he ordered, they are stuck at the sorting office.

Lippy & Grumpy merch is on its way, hopefully mugs and t shirts, although Lippy is in charge after beer mat confusion on Grumpy’s part.

Grumpy waxes lyrical about the Lupin series on Netflix and about the forthcoming Renault electric vehicle, which looks similar to the awesome Renault 5 Turbo from the 1980’s. Lippy explains what a roadman is, Grumpy has never heard the term before.

Allotment news, the stored cardboard has been deployed! Lippy’s weight loss has slowed down and she’s been tormenting herself by watching food videos.

All about vegan food with DJ Fin, there was so much to discuss we couldn’t fit music festivals in this weeks. Grumpy fails to pronounce veganuary correctly and Fin explains why he and others choose to eat a vegan diet. For Fin he feels better and enjoys cooking vegan.

Fin covers cooking vegan meals, including impressing meat eaters, with favourite recipes from Gaz Oakley. Grumpy relates his experience with some vegetarian dishes in the dim and distant past.

We discuss “fake” meat, particularly vegan bacon, how you produce it at home and why it is produced. It’s not all salads, Fin likes hearty food and his vegan cooking provides this.

Both Grumpy and Lippy agree that they couldn’t give up cheese without a big fight and Grumpy’s trial of vegan better didn’t end well.

Fin explains how vegan wine and beer is different, although inconsistent labelling makes it’s hard to identify these vegan products in the supermarket.

Fin’s favourite dish is a vegan burger, with many specialist take away restaurant close to his home in East London, with a home made vegan chilli a close second.

We discuss vitamins and other nutrients and Grumpy hopes he got away with forgetting what the beneficial nutrient in oily fish was.

We will return in 12 months, hopefully having had a vegan BBQ on a camping trip with Fin.

Fin has an Instagram feed Fin_Eats_Plants and will be back in the next episode talking about music festivals.

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