Episode 19

Leerdammer roulette, James Fridman, giving blood incident, Weetabix and cats on Zoom

2021, Episode 19   |   32 min

Grumpy apologises for some odd noises and over enthusiastic editing due, in part, to Lippy’s audio track being so much louder.

Last week’s frankly ridiculous fact of the week from Grumpy makes a comeback with some very complicated maths that neither Lippy nor Grumpy understand. Seems that attempting to jump through the middle of the earth is fraught with problems.

Lippy’s claim that having a fresh hair cut can attract the attention of the police can’t be sourced, however the Met Police have been caught up in a hair cut “scandal”.

Grumpy manages to squeeze in a piece about 1990’s concept cars much to Lippy dismay.

Grumpy has come up with the concept of Leerdammer Roulette, where the cheese to hole ratio remains a mystery until the packet is open. He finds out that the slice thickness is determined by the cheese:hole ratio so nobody loses out – how clever! This inspires Lippy & Grumpy to attempt to blag a tour of the Leedammer factory.

We discuss the amazing interpretation of James Fridman when people ask him to Photoshop their photographs. Pure genius. Lippy is keen to outwit him by over explaining the changes desired.

Lippy’s had an incident giving blood (again) whilst wearing inappropriate trousers. The discussion turns to the after donation snacks and Lippy admits to multiple trips to the snack table gaining the title Blood Bank Biscuit Snatcher.

A friend of Grumpy (yes, he does have them) sent him a clip of Maxence Muzaton recovering from stumbling at the 2021 Alpine Skiing World Championships. Maxence makes an amazing recovery, well worth watching even if skiing isn’t your bag.

Weetabix executed an amazingly effective piece of marketing suggesting that you could eat Weetabix with baked beans. Grumpy is keen to try, however, is not keen on dry Weetabix. Lippy on the other hand dislikes soggy Weetabix and world prefer diesel to warm milk.

Davros has suggested that proving whether a dead cat bounces should be taken up by Mythbusters and somehow we discuss people complaining about TV shows.

We have a Gorilla Glue in the hair update, it appears the lady concerned has had the glue removed by a generous plastic surgeon and has donated the surplus money raised, around $20,000, to charity. A good result all round.

Zoom is the gift that keeps giving and this week we have a lawyer in  the US that was stuck looking like a cat during a meeting with a judge.

Grumpy has spent some time at the allotment spreading compost despite the frozen ground.

Lippy has a top tip and Grumpy has a fun fact that isn’t controversial.

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