Episode 20

Learning resuscitation using a computer, lockdown haircut disasters, the joy of Shrek and never read the comments

2021, Episode 20   |   39 min

Once again Lippy & Grumpy look at stories that will make you smile or that they can put their unique spin on.

Grumpy want to talk about drilling through the earth again and has found an animation of how far humans have bored into the earth and how far we have to go before Davros can use this as a gravity engine for his 2150 invasion. Mind you his packed lunch consists of dry Weetabix, butter, Marmite and cheese, so there’s no danger.

Lippy has dipped her toe in Bitcoin and it’s not gone well. Will Bitcoin ever be a full blown currency?

Grumpy’s friend completed an online cardiopulmonary resuscitation exam with hilarious consequences and a certificate of questionable use.

Wife of Grumpy has cut Grumpy’s hair and there was some confusion over the hair length for number 1 and number 3. It’s a hair cut for Zoom and Lippy is merciless about the current state of the back of Grumpy’s head. Have you had a lockdown haircut disaster? If so please let us know at podcast@lippyandgrumpy.uk

Grumpy's lockdown haircut

The Boeing 777 incident over Denver fills Grumpy with equal amounts of fear and interest and we’re both relieved that nobody was hurt. With many planes parked up at the moment, will they have flat batteries and stale fuel when they are needed again.

Lippy has been watching the Shrek films and declares them as the best films ever made, which has nothing to do with similarities with Lippy and the Donkey character.

Is Shrek the best film ever?

Lippy, Grumpy and the rest of the family had a superb lunch at a prison a few years ago, organised by a charity called Clink, cooked and served by an inmate. Clink is opening up in 79 prisons and is highly recommended.

In a surprise move, a contestant on Iceland’s University Challenge has a hissy fit and starts demolishing the set. University Challenge will never be the same.

The Frozen Camper was in a Zoom meeting where an Alexa alarm was set for the early hours of the morning whilst a colleague was out of the room. Please don’t try this at home.

The latest Mars rover has landed successfully and the conspiracy theorists have started, claiming it’s actually filming part of Canada.

Having read a nice article about the author missing the pub and saying why, Grumpy is dismayed by the comments and is committing to “Never Read the Comments” for a happier life. Lippy talks about when internet combatants meet and they are a lot braver behind a screen.

Grump waxes lyrical about the recently launched Boom Radio, which has gap in the radio market for the baby boomers, hence the name. He’s also tickled by the Quadrosenior marketing campaign by Essential Aids.


Is the best seat on a plane in the row at the very back of the plane? There are pros and cons, however Lippy has a top tip in advance about blagging a better seat once the plane has taken.

Lippy has a second top tip, it’s from the Lippy mind so Grumpy is braced for another fork incident, however it’s very good! Grumpy’s fun fact, once again descends in chaos

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