Episode 21

Burying the cat twice, back seat flyers, the Canadian-Danish war, ace rally driver Hannu Mikkola and a Lippy top tip best avoided

2021, Episode 21   |  44 min

A listener has a twisting tale of how he buried the same cat twice. If you have a funny story to share please send it in.

Grumpy has found a website with an app that shows you where you would come out if you dug straight down through the centre of the earth. Lippy complains that it’s another digging piece, nevertheless thinks the app is pretty cool.

We have listener feedback about travelling in aircraft and it seems poorly behaved children are a bit of a nuisance. We ponder whether there is a flight length sweet spot for picking the back seat.

We decide “you should have bought Bitcoin in August” is the most irritating financial advice you can receive and have confirmation that real-world resuscitation is a lot harder physically than pressing keys on the computer keyboard. Somehow we get onto the topic of fire marshals and there’s some confusion about what they do when there’s a fire.

Lippy has been carrying out research on TikTok and has found out that Canada and Denmark have been at war since 1984 over Hans Island. Grumpy has a warning about very convincing deep fakes appearing on TikTok and other video platforms.

Hans Island, subject of a war between Canada and Denmark since 1984

A friend of Grumpy has passed on Radio Garden, an amazing website that means you can tune in to many radio stations across the world from your computer.

Zoom keep providing humour, this week it’s an 8-year-old girl who has been baffling adults with a logon problem. She’ll go far, that one!

Lippy has discovered velvet worms, that look cute, nevertheless fires slime to capture food.

The slime dispensing velvet worm

Lippy’s car has passed its MOT, albeit with a slightly sticky handbrake, which reminds Grumpy of a handbrake and steep driveway incident that happened to a friend of his. Lippy has found Foxy Choice, which identifies female friendly garages.

Grumpy was saddened by the passing of Finish rally legend Hannu Mikkola last week, a true talent in the Ford Escort in the 1970s and a name synonymous with the success of the Audi Quattro of the 1980s.

Flying Fin Hannu Mikkola

Lippy has a not so top tip that nobody should follow and Grumpy’s fun fact doesn’t involve digging. Hoorah!

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