Episode 23

Murray Walker, Shrek hats, the spring equinox, waving at drivers and an annoying smoke detector

2021, Episode 23   |   37 min

We start with a tribute to Murray Walker, a hero of Grumpy’s who passed away at the age of 97. Murray had two carers and is best known for motorsport commentating during the 70s, 80s and 90s.

We talk about the word stopwatch, which featured in one of the Murrayisms over the weekend.

Davros shares his experience of a fig plant growing in a pot, with monster-sized and invasive roots. Grumpy is looking forward to a bumper fig harvest in a few years, Lippy is demanding fig roll biscuits.

Orange marshal 2 had injured his foot in an incident involving gravity and stairs and we wish him well.

Did you know Harrods has its own fire brigade and water supply? Nor did we, and we thank the Screaming Tomato for sharing this.

Mrs Dowie from Ormesby Primary Academy has been knitting Shrek hats for year 6 and they are awesome! Great work Mrs Dowie.

Lippy has been reading up about the spring equinox and despite stumbling over several hard to pronounce words has a number of interesting facts to share. One of those facts is the ability to balance an egg on its bottom. We’ll be trying that at 9:37 on Saturday 20th March, just before Grumpy’s covid jab. Lippy is taken by the Romans having a god of wine. Grumpy has always been interested in the stars and is fascinated by the ancient monuments and civilizations built around the stars and constellations.

An enthusiastic International Space Station watcher, Grumpy talks about seeing a Starlink launch and satellite deployment.

You might start to hear some chirping, it’s a smoke detector and more on that later.

Grumpy starts a conversation about waving at other drivers in similar vehicles, Lippy’s not convinced, however she does drive an Audi.

The chirping gets too much for Grumpy and he tracks down the errant smoke detector, mid-recording, which triggers a major digression, including the tale of the smoke alarm that wouldn’t shut up.

Do you have a waving at other drivers story? If so we want to hear it! podcast@lippyandgrumpy.uk

Lippy has a Lippy-brain top tip for birthday present suggestions and Grumpy’s fun fact involves Icelandic elves.

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