Episode 24

Egg balancing, a smoke alarm tale, the laughing duck, giving flowers and short passwords

2021, Episode 24   |   42 min

We start with the exciting news that Lippy has had an offer accepted on a house and is currently looking at paint colour and furniture. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster, however the garden has astro turf, which ticks one very large “don’t want to do gardening” box.

Lippy’s spring equinox egg balancing experiment at 09:37 on Saturday 20th didn’t go well, however, Davros suggests trying it on the autumn equinox and Grumpy thinks the solstice might be the best time to try.

Grumpy laments the passing of Chris Barber, jazz trombonist extraordinaire, racing driver and Top Gear presenter Sabine Schmitz and  ex-Formula 1 driver Johnny Dumfries.

We’re also thinking of those affected by the flooding in Australia.

We’ve had a smoke alarm story from Mr T, including a screaming child in a car, not listening to Mrs T, house alarm DIY and a worn out battery.

Grumpy is interested to find out about a app called Zoom Escaper that makes your connection to a meeting so unbearable that you don’t get invited to a meeting ever again.

Wife of Grumpy has been sending round a video of a laughing duck, which has caused much merriment!

Lippy wonders whether sending flowers is a bit morbid as they are dying. Mind you she confesses that she’s not very good at removing them once they are dead. Somehow we get onto the subject of banana skins and Grumpy doesn’t believe that anyone has ever slipped on a banana skin. Grumpy has bought some borage seeds for the allotment to help protect the strawberries and was surprised to find the instructions were in Chinese.

Grumpy has some information about short passwords and the speed at which they can be cracked in a brute false attack. Don’t glaze over, there’s some useful information here.

Lippy has a post lockdown top tip and Grumpy has a country shrinking fun fact.

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