Episode 26

Banana skins, brothers in business, Branston smooth pickle, holding your breath and Easter

2021, Episode 26   |   42 min

Grumpy has had a freaky internet advert for Farrow & Ball pop up after reviewing last week’s podcast on speakers.
Also he’s found a useful banana skin tip that makes plant food, whilst Davros has a top caper involving dried banana skins. Meanwhile Lippy has found out that a man who died in Tennessee in 1927 had “slipped on banana peeling and fell shortly before death” written on his death certificate.
We’re all enjoying the return of “one episode a week” TV or event TV as Davros calls it and in particular Line of Duty on a Sunday night.
The Screaming Tomato has shared the story of the Dassler brothers, who fell out after working together for 30 years and created two massive sports equipment companies, based in the same town, splitting the work force and pubs.
Opinion is split on the suggestion that over 70s should be restricted in when and how far they drive.
We feel sorry for the sellers of a house in Haywards Heath whose Google Street View images has two armed Police officers outside. Lippy’s house move has jumped ahead quickly with fingers crossed for a moving date before the end of June.
The holding your breath underwater record has been beaten and now stands at an amazing 24 minutes 33 seconds. Grumpy has a desire to appear in the Guinness Book of Records, however not for holding his breath.
Grumpy is hoping the Lippy can sew up his pyjama bottoms that now have an unusual cooling vent.
We discuss Easter and Lippy confesses she has no self control and will consume chocolate on sight of it and is incapable of waiting until Easter Sunday. We’re not 100% sure of the connection with eggs although we have our individual theories. Quite how the leap to chocolate rabbits was made is beyond our comprehension.
Somehow we get onto things we should know but don’t and game shows where you don’t stand a chance of joining in, plus the Grumpy Law of Game Shows, which states that the harder the questions are, the more rubbish the prize is.
Lippy has a Easter chocolate related tip and Grumpy’s fun fact concerns something more dangerous than a shark.
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