Episode 26

Paul Ritter, not much love for Branston Smooth, Extreme E, an exclusive sailing club and a random topic generator

2021, Episode 26   |   45 min

We start by mourning the passing of actor Paul Ritter, best known for the eccentric Dad in Friday Night Dinner. Paul had an amazing ability to take on any role and will be sadly missed.

We’ve heard from Orange Marshall 2 who was at the film studio when a Branston Smooth advertisement was filmed, just missing out on seeing Kylie Minogue.

Interesting article in the Economist courtesy of the Screaming Tomato about family run businesses in Germany. Unfortunately you have to subscribe to read it.

Davros is not keen on Branston Smooth, enjoys Only Connect and suggests Ex-Lax to cure chocolate addiction.

Grumpy expects that the captain of the Ever Given will be invited to join the South West Shingles Yacht Club, an exclusive invitation only club for sailors who have suffered a maritime disaster of one shape or another. The membership list includes Tony Bullimore and, surprisingly,  Ben Ainslie!

Grumpy has discovered the Extreme E race series and is hooked. Is it as entertaining as skier-cross?

Lippy’s house move is forging ahead and fingers are crossed by completing before the end of June.

To brush up our improv skills, we try some random topics generated by a website. As expected, the answers are as random as the questions.

We round off with a Lippy Top Tip and a Grumpy Fun Fact.

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