Episode 27

Prince Philip, the Red Flag Act, dodgy Private Eye advert and Lippy’s eye test

2021, Episode 27   |   38 min

We start by mourning the passing of Price Phillip at the grand age of 99, master of the one-liner.
Grumpy has been researching last week’s fun fact about the first speeding ticket in 1896 and has found out about the “Red Flag” Act, that required a person leading the vehicle with a red flag and the origin of number plates in the UK and the current eye watering value of the first number plate issued.
Davros has recommended TV series Callan, which is on at 4am. Grumpy doesn’t recognise the series, which is odd as he likes a spy story.
Both Lippy & Grumpy are looking forward to the return of The Apprentice on TV and will be reviewing each train crash episode each week.
Grumpy has found an unusual advert in the Private Eye classified. We think it might be sinister, what do you think?
Lippy & Grumpy Private Eye Advert

Much to Lippy’s dismay, Grumpy has found another earth core drilling app, similar to a camera obscura. Despite being distracted by an air freshener, Lippy’s recollection of all facts digging is quite impressive.

Lippy has lost her glasses, no they aren’t on her head, and has been back to the opticians after 6 years. Looking at a picture of the back of her eye has really freaked her out.

With the lifting of restrictions Grumpy and wide of Grumpy have spent an evening in the garden of the Dorking Cat Killer, which highlighted the massive difference between men and women’s definition of “any news?”

We’ve had an email newsletter that suggests that all estate agents are aliens and provided some compelling reasons why. Grumpy is a bit perplexed about how they deliver rental costs, appending the price with a pause and then “per calendar month”.

Lippy’s house move is forging ahead and they may be in before June. Whilst preparing their current house for valuation (i.e. do the jobs you have been avoiding for some time), boyfriend of Lippy has an incident with superglue, leading to a Lippy Top Top.

Grumpy’s fun fact links baseball and the moon landing.

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