Episode 28

Caterpillar cakegate, peep holes for huskies, Zoom failures and Line of Duty spoilers

2021, Episode 28   |   36 min

We’ve had feedback from regular listeners, which we really appreciate. Orange Marshall 2 had a long term optician and his 20:20:20 guide. Davros has gone all Bletchley Park with his latest email and agrees with us about talking twaddle at the pub and painting walls yellow but thinks magnolia is not a colour. Somehow he manages to include a comparison with Dr Who, but we can’t work out which one.

There’s a bit of a discussion about what colour magnolia trees are, more for next week.

Lippy is fascinated by the legal battle between Marks & Spencer and Aldi over caterpillar cakes, in particular the Twitter battle. Is it all over with Aldi donating money to M&S’s favourite charity?

During a bit of WhatsApp joshing, we think the Dorking Cat Killer’s tally may be higher than we thought.

The photo of the huskies poking their noses through drilled holes in a gate has caught Grumpy’s eye, as did the total failure of a green suit to avoid being seen on his fiance’s Zoom session.

We’ve worked out the Dr Who Davros was talking about in his cryptic email. Grumpy can’t remember the lockdown series featuring Michael Sheen and David Tennant (it’s Staged on the BBC iPlayer), nevertheless it’s highly recommended.

Has a pre-season trailer given a clue to last week’s cliffhanger ending to Line of Duty?

For some reason, Lippy has named a rogue hair growing on her forehead and had a shout out on Radio 1.

Grumpy’s been busy at the allotment, but forgot to take the seeds.

Lippy’s Top Tip is for those exercising and Grumpy’s fun fact is about bones.

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