Episode 30

Line of Duty disappointment, deep fried caterpillar cake, rounders team names and a worldwide gnome shortage

2021, Episode 30   |   32 min

Grumpy’s really disappointed with the ending of Line of Duty and won’t be getting over it any time soon. Lippy is going to watch the first series, which Grumpy thinks is excellent.

Lippy confesses she’s not good at estimating the age of children, hence thinking King Josh was 9 and not 4, which is his age.

A Scottish fish & chip shop has deep fried a caterpillar cake. Lippy likes the idea, Grumpy, not so much.

Grumpy’s raving about Bent Coppers on BBC, mostly because of the number of now classic cars and nostalgia.

Lippy is taking part in a work rounders tournament and, being a medical institute, has some hilarious team names. Somehow we end up discussing why so many secret agents have the initials JB.

Lippy was confused by her birthday present from The Frozen Camper and thought she had a Beard Dripper.

Due to the Ever Given getting stuck, we have a garden gnome shortage in the UK and there’s also a chip shortage for electronics in cars.

We’re delighted that one of the protagonist in the infamous Handforth Parish Council meeting has stepped down and shocked that a winner of a awesome car in a raffle wrote it off within 24 hours of collection.

An area we know well is the coastline between Swanage and Studland in Dorset and we’re relieved to find that someone fell off the cliffs, dropped 115 feet and survived. Lippy describes (again) the incident in America where she thought there was a bear outside the tent. As she didn’t look out of the tent, Grumpy’s having none of it and insists it was a hobo doing an impression of a bear to get food.

Lippy’s nearly exchanged on her new house and is contemplating packing. Without Grumpy’s help.

Grumpy has had the Mazda in pieces and after assembly there are some odd screws left over, hopefully not important.

To finish off we have a Top Golf, Top Tip from Lippy and an historic fact of the week from Grumpy.

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