Episode 32

Zoom Queen Jackie Weaver, a dodgy Autotrader advert, Zippo lighters and pizza vending machines

2021, Episode 32   |   38 min

After last week’s WD40 top tip, we’ve had listener feedback including wishing they heard the tip 2 weeks earlier.
We talked about multi-brained dinosaurs last week and according to the Smithsonian dinosaurs didn’t had a “butt brain”. Grumpy has been researching the large metal sheet at Dunsfold Aerodrome and hasn’t found out much, however knows who to speak to.
Davros is furthering the gnome plan and favours nature vs nature for dealing with seagulls.
After Lippy almost lost last week’s show notes, she’s decided to phone or message Grumpy with notes instead of using Evernote. Lippy enjoyed the start of The Brits, featuring Zoom Queen Jackie Weaver, who has started a podcast, Jackie Weaver has the authority.
Grumpy has been watching a series called Next, about a rogue AI system and a scene where a fire was started deliberately. The  character starting the fire hadn’t lit a cigarette in 9 episodes yet had a Zippo lighter to hand. Are all arson scenes started by a Zippo lighter and should Grumpy carry one in case there is a need for a fire.
Lippy heard a very strange advert on the radio for Autotrader, which has also been a TV advert.
Grumpy has been pondering what happens when a gun is shot in the air, what happens if you are under the falling bullet? This led to a late night internet session, which turned up more information, so we’re still not sure!
Lippy goes on a rant about her house purchase, which is very close. We are going to struggle to fill the weekly 10 minute rant. If you think this is bad, Grumpy gets a ranting phone call on a daily basis. Roll on move day!
Grumpy has found a 24 hour pizza machine in Rome, which freshly cooks a pizza for 6 Euros. We talk about visiting Rome and Grumpy’s  digression with Vatican City and a classic Mini.
Lippy has a house moving top tip involving coloured tape, which Grumpy has doubts about. Grumpy has another aviation based fun fact involving a Twotter.
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