Episode 33

Grumpy’s had a night in jail, the very short Westray flight, Lippy’s house packing schedule and lead shoes

2021, Episode 33   |   39 mins

​Grumpy’s spent a night in Oxford Jail, fortunately now a hotel and took part in the Mile of Minis the following day, an Italian Job charity event for Buttle UK that raised over £20,000, with 200 modern and classic Minis.

Lippy has had a test drive in an electric Mazda and is very impressed. Interestingly the interior contains cork, which Mazda used to produce.

Grumpy confused his planes last week, the Twotter is used to land at Barra, the very short Westray to Papa Westray flight uses an Islander.

Lippy thinks Wifi and the internet are the same thing so Grumpy explains the difference in probably too much detail.

Lippy has a moving date so there isn’t a rant this week (hoorah!), nevertheless frantic packing and coloured tape usage. Apparently Grumpy is helping although doesn’t remember offering. He has offered help to rip down ceilings and has found two tools to help put new plasterboard back up.

Lippy’s top tip is feeding people helping you move. Grumpy has a rider, including china cups.

WD-40 has pulled a blinder with the container with a flexible hose, Grumpy is a big fan.

Grumpy’s top tip is a prank involving very large and heavy shoes.

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