Episode 35

Eggs in the fridge, 10 year old Worcestershire sauce, Dalek cartoons and the astroturfed house

2021, Episode 35   |   38 min

Lippy managed to break last week’s recording by admitting she was wrong, a glitch in the matrix possibly.
We have further information about the South African rugby spectator that was shot by someone testing their rifle. Thanks to the Screaming Tomato for finding this in the Scams of the Underworld section of South Africa Weird and Wonderful by Rob Marsh.
Why no nickname for Lippy’s partner Chris?
Listeners are split with whether eggs should be kept in the fridge or not, nevertheless the internet suggests that they should be kept in the fridge and not in the door mounted egg holders. After talking about the lifespan of balsamic last week we’ve had a tip off that Worcestershire sauce can last unopened up to 10 years.
Grumpy’s favourite cartoon from Punch magazine in 1981 featuring three daleks and a flight of stairs has been ruined by levitating daleks, which he’s still cross about.
This is the last podcast episode before Lippy’s house move (hoorah!!!) and whilst Lippy is expecting to be fully packed Thursday night, Grumpy suggests having a number of boxes for throwing the last bits in. This time next week it will be all one and dusted.
Lippy is very excited about the arrival of her new vacuum cleaner and feels very grown up.
Grumpy has a sizable hole in the road outside of his house and ponders whether one of the neighbours is attempting to dig through to the other side of the Earth. After initial panic the hole is now fenced off awaiting repair.
Grumpy has seen the Friday Night Dinner 10th Anniversary Special, which is a mixture of laughter and tears as Paul Ritter, who plays Martin the Dad, passed away earlier this year. Some great interviews with the cast and the writer and well worth watching.
We’ve had a suspicion that news readers weren’t formally dressed below the desk and we now have proof! This triggers a Lippy rant about Loose Women. Sorry.
A house is on the market carpeted in astro turf. Why, we don’t know! Apparently astro turf absorbs heat more than natural grass so be careful walking on it.
Grumpy’s allotment has become overgrow due to rain, sun and a lack of visiting due to back problems and weather. Much weeding required. Lippy’s blueberry plant is doing very well, in fact she’s planning more.
Lippy has an evil top tip and Grumpy has a chemical based fact.
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