Episode 36

As Lippy is still unpacking boxes, in this pre-recorded episode, we talk about kayaking and open plan offices

2021, Episode 36   |   38 min

Lippy wants to talk kayaks and first a reminder of the differences between kayaks and canoes, although Grumpy will continue to use the two terms interchangeably. Lippy had a fun time on the Basingstoke canal and claims to have been doing “tricks” in a hired kayak. A mate of Grumpy’s kept dreaming he was canoeing down Everest having read a book by Mike Jones. Grumpy relates the story of the Grumpy family kayak trip in France. Up side – saw a kingfisher, down side – missed the pickup point.

Lippy has seen a company that hires out hot tubs to motor up and down the Thames, much easier than kayaking, which Grumpy and sister of Grumpy did many years ago.

Lippy & Grumpy’s advice is that kayaking is fun and always wear a buoyancy aid.

With some people going back into their offices, Grumpy has a bit of a moan about open plan offices and their detrimental effect on productivity. One of Lippy & Grumpy’s favourite films is Office Space, which is an excellent parody of office life.

Lippy’s heard about a company whose staff want the option to work at home and have a permanent desk. Despite the concept of hot desking bothering Grumpy a lot, he does think that if you want to work at home then you need to have some flexibility with desk space, particularly if the company shares the savings with the staff. Which will never happen.

Wired magazine has an excellent article about work culture and how environments with free evening meals and nap pods encourages staff to stay later. Whether this increases productivity or not remains to be seen.

Lippy has a bottle opening related top tip and Grumpy has an example of not leaving stuff until the next day.

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