Episode 37

Lippy’s starting DIY, a twotter has been spotted, racing pigeons with maps and sink hole update

2021, Episode 37   |   34 min

We’re back after Lippy’s house move last week, which apart from an absent van went very well. We discovered a superb cafe close to Lippy Towers and Lippy is starting out on a DIY adventure.

From our listeners we had a picture of a Twotter and kayaking. We’ve also had confirmation from Private Eye that daleks have been climbing stairs since 1988.

The sinkhole outside Grumpy’s house has received some attention this week, however a broken gas pipe has delayed progress. During recording an enormous machine turned up and sucked earth out of the hole, not spraying concrete as Grumpy thought.

We’ve had news that racing pigeons have been affected by solar flare activity at the weekend. Lippy was confused about how they found their way home and thought they were shown a map. Oh dear!

A man received a father’s day card by mistake, which his partner didn’t take kindly to. Lippy’s father’s day card to Grumpy was a corker and will be on the ‘gram soon.

One lucky squirrel narrowly missed being squished by an Indy car, which leads us on to think snakes in F1 cars could liven it up a bit.

Grumpy has found a series of not so good animal photos, with one of a particularly irate bird. Whilst they won’t win a photography competition, they are great to look at nonetheless.

We spoke about running the computer game Doom on a pregnancy tester many podcast episodes ago and it seems that you can now run Doom using the processor chip from an Ikea smart bulb.

Grumpy’s been tipped off about an amazing website that shows where bombs fell on London during the blitz of October 1940 to June 1941.

Lippy has been back into the office, although got lost trying to find the bosses office. Grumpy admits to getting lost in open plan offices and had to rely on a bank of clocks as a landmark.

Grumpy has managed to resuscitate two Brussel sprout plants and fears it might be too late for them to grow. Meanwhile the strawberry thief is back in town and whilst Grumpy has a plan for securing them, his measurement technique has caused havoc.

Lippy has a theory about the weather and hay fever as she is suffering quite a bit, sorry about the sniffing.

Lippy has an empowering top tip and Grumpy’s fun fact involves a very large net.

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