Episode 38

Puzzled pigeons, kamikaze kangaroos, an enigmatic elephant and some cars

2021, Episode 38   |   36 min

Lippy has been busy with DIY, however is finding her social life is getting in the way. One solution is to have a painting party, nevertheless Grumpy not convinced the quality will be there. Lippy is surprised how much dust is generated when sanding and the fact it ends up everywhere.

Grumpy has an update on the missing pigeons from last week, apparently 10,000 have gone astray and he gives some information about what to so if you spot a confused pigeon in your garden.

Orange marshal 2 has alerted us to motor racing incidents involving kangaroos in Australia. Makes the Indy squirrel we covered last week look very tame.

Grumpy is a member of the local Lions club and they had their carnival last weekend, with Grumpy getting the plum job of commentating. A much needed event after over 18 months of nothing major and blessed by excellent weather, some amazing acts in the arena and tremendous support from local businesses and residents.

Grumpy has a theory that there is an international sign for a broken down bus – lean a seat base up against the back of the bus. Is he right?

Lippy had a near collision with a deer whilst driving and we go off on a tangent about services on a dual carriageway that have taken over 20 years to build and then suddenly appeared almost overnight.

We talk about a lady from New Zealand that has had a tiddlywinks counter stuck in her nose for 39 years after, as an eight year old, a game went off at a tangent, not unlike many topics on this podcast. All is well now, we are pleased to report.

Grumpy has been very excited about cars this week. The Lada Niva, an epic and cheap 4×4, almost unchanged for 40 years, is being imported back into the UK. A test on YouTube by Jonny Smith led to disaster though. The new concept Lancia Delta Integrale and the restomod Lancia 037 has got Grumpy in a right old state, not that Lippy cares, comparing the original Integrale to a BMW.

Not much action with the sinkhole outside Grumpy’s house aside for the local birds to feast on.

We’ve not had a Zoom story for a while and this week we see a lady in America has worn the same Hawaiian shirt for 264 Zoom meetings over the last 14 months without anyone noticing.

Lippy’s top tip is a yummy one and Grumpy’s fun fact is about elephants and World War 2.

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