Episode 39

Grumpy’s found the sound effects button, the return of Davros, flat pack furniture frenzy and unintended inventions

2021, Episode 39   |   36 min

We’re changed to Riverside.fm for recording our podcast and Grumpy has found a control panel full of sound effects, that you can also add to. Sorry if this gets annoying!

Davros has made a return with a brilliantly funny story about a childhood incident with a plunger and butter.

Lippy has turned her hand to assembling flat pack furniture and whilst claiming to have read the instruction has discovered she missed the bit that said “assemble loosely first” despite being in capitals and bold. One dining room chair lays forlorn on the floor. Oh dear.

Grumpy is pleased with himself after resoldering a tiny resistor in a speedometer and fixing an errant fuel gauge.

Boyfriend of Lippy had an “incident” in Lippy’s car, not his fault, however is caused a bit of annoyance. We suspect this may drag on a bit.

After caterpillar cake gate a few months ago, Marks & Spencer are attracting legal attention from Dishoom after allegedly copying a bacon naan roll. Whatever the outcome the food looks tasty and we’ll be having a go at recreating it at home.

BakeryScan, a software AI product that identifies pastries on a production line is being used to identify cancer cells at two major hospitals. Amazingly there is a success rate of 99% and we’re looking forward to hearing more about this use of technology.

We then look at inventions that happened by accident, including penicillin, Post-it Notes and the Slinky.

Lippy claims to invented the next video streaming service, where it is projected onto the eyelids, however someone is already investigating this and unlike Lippy, understands how to interface with the brain. A fascinating topic, however a bit beyond the comprehension of Lippy & Grumpy.

Grumpy has a bee in his bonnet about the use of “over and out” in films and TV programmes and has uncovered the true meaning of roger and wilco in radio conversations.

Lippy’s top tip involves football and girlfriends and Grumpy’s fact is about Henry Ford.

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