Episode 40

Expanding cars, sinkhole watch, an unusual flute, the Karman line and hot glue guns

2021, Episode 40   |   35 min

Uncharacteristically, Lippy had a dreadful game of Monopoly, which was won by wife of Grumpy and just as well as it was her birthday.

The RAC has confirmed our view that cars are getting bigger and garages are used more to store “stuff” rather than cars. Grumpy has turned up something unexpected about insurance costs when lucking your car away in a garage for the night.

Sinkhole watch has been active this week, unlike the crew who are repairing the drain and road who waited 2 days for a digger, 3 days for a toilet and are still waiting for a skip so they can use the digger. Not an efficient operation. Grumpy’s not impressed with the information board from Thames Water.

Lippy’s found Too Good To Go bags, where you can book up a bag of food from various local cafes, restaurants and shops containing various items that have a sell buy date of that day. A great way to reduce food wastage and have a cheap lunch the next day.

In a roundup of weird and unusual news, Grumpy has found a flute made out of chocolate and Lippy has discovered that squid have been sent into space to study the effect of space travel on astronauts.

We talk about the space adventures of Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos and the Karman Line and whether Branson has gone into space or not. We are in awe of Wally Funk, an 82 year old lady who trained as an astronaut in the 1960s and has never been into space, and will be joining Jeff Bezos on the 20th July 2021. We both wish her well in her epic trip and Lippy hopes she has a window seat. Good grief!

Grumpy has found a Dad in the US who has hot glued his remotes together, plus a bluetooth tag to prevent them getting lost. With a not very smart TV and several additional boxes connected the Grumpy household has several remotes that end up at all ends of the house.

Lippy has a decorating top tip and Grumpy’s fact is about the seemingly indestructible Ernest Hemmingway.

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