Episode 41

Blue Origin’s space flight, pirate names, onion harvest and twin temperature top tips

2021, Episode 41   |   36 min

Grumpy is really excited about the successful Blue Origin space flight, which took the oldest and the youngest person into space. Lippy was relieved that Wally Funk had a windows seat, however as Grumpy explained it, the capsule was similar to a very fast conservatory, with plenty of opportunity to see the view.

Lippy has been on a trip to Cornwall to see a friend, has consumed many pasties and the odd ice cream. Her friend’s dog’s first swimming lesson didn’t go well, however he was back in the water the next day so no harm done!

A listener has contacted us about an AI system that can tell the sex of a person by looking at a photo of their retina, the problem is that nobody can work out how it knows the difference.

We’ve had a communication about applying butter to bumps on the head from the Screaming Tomato who grew up in South Africa. Never knees though.

Grumpy’s swimming mate, 90 year old Giovanni has completed his 10km walk over 10 days and has raised a stack of money. Well done.

NASA have predicted that the moon’s wobbly orbit in the mid 2030’s could cause flooding. Lippy has some heard some odd theories about the origins of NASA that turn out to be complete bunkum.

There has been another episode of daft behaviour on Old Harry in Dorset. Lippy discovers the meaning of the word clot.

Grumpy is very pleased with the commercial version of clearvoice.ai, cuts down the editing of the podcast and is clever enough to know the difference between an intended and unintended ummm.

We discuss the pirate name of various family members and friends, great fun!

What's your pirate name?

We have a rant about people being horrible and also not considering any other view than their own and we’re reminded of the saying “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser”

Grumpy has harvested 10kg of onions and garlic and is very pleased.

The sink hole outside Grumpy’s house is nearly complete and he’s been wondering whether the digger could be hotwired for a bit of evening fun.

We have twin temperature top tips and a medical fact.

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