Episode 42

Our consumer advice has worked, Grumpy’s breakdown, last minute ordering and the Dorking Sicario

2021, Episode 42   |   38 min

Lippy’s consumer advice about Too Good To Go Bags has been acted upon by Mini Matt and the result has been amazing, a massive amount of food for £4.

Grumpy made a bit of a boo-boo last week suggesting that the sun has an orbit. That’s not what he meant! A serious conversation is interrupted by Lippy’s sink. Serious? Who are we kidding? Anyway, Lippy uses some odd terms whilst Grumpy tries to explain about the sun wobbling.

Lippy has found out she is older than Google, unless you apply internet years, which are 7 years for every human year.

Grumpy has broken down in his 1999 Volvo V70 and had to be recovered home. Just 8 miles short of 275,000 miles on the clock he’s hoping it is a duff coil pack. Tim, the recovery man, was an interesting chap and he and Grumpy had a right old rant about not-so smart motorways.

We’ve discovered that the Dorking Cat Killer has had an incident with other species so from now on known as the Dorking Lippy has had .

Lippy had an odd experience attempting to get into a Cornish cider farm with her friend who had forgotten her id.

Grumpy is not convinced about cooling down on a hot day by having a hot drink and wonders why the reverse isn’t true.

Lippy get confused about Grumpy’s revelation that his sister cleans her glasses in the bath. This could have been avoided by being more specific and stating they were reading glasses, not drinking glasses.

Why do some people leave ordering shoes days before a wedding when they have known about the event for 2 years?

We talked about Stan Larkin last week, who spent 555 days with an artificial heart in a backpack, and Grumpy has more information.

Grumpy has had a bumper rhubarb crop, quite a bit has gone to Lippy.

Lippy has a washing machine top tip and Grumpy manages to squeeze a car based fact in.

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