Episode 43

We’re back from the long hot summer that wasn’t very hot nor long

2021, Episode 43   |   37 min

Having taken a break from our weekly podcast, Lippy & Grumpy are back and planning not to bore you with holiday tales. Will they succeed?

Grumpy has been making the most of his breakdown cover having broken down twice in August, including the campervan, which split a hose on the A31 near Ringwood causing traffic chaos.

Much to Lippy’s amusement, Grumpy has bought a smoking pipe from an antiques shop in Swanage along with a mystery object. Do you know what it is?

Grumpy and wife of Grumpy took part in Minis at Goodwood, a fund raiser for ButtleUK and won a trophy! Who would have thought?

A month off has resulted in discovery an avalanche of interesting engineering projects including Thunderbuggy, a jet powered Amish buggy.

Lippy has been perfecting her decorating skills and has completed two rooms successfully. Measuring seems to need further work though and has resulted in an injury.

Jimmy Fallen has a list of first date fiascos and Grumpy thinks one of them could have been Lippy. Both have early date stories, including non-payment and over use of chopsticks. Lippy has a top-tip for eating duck pancakes.

The Lippy & Grumpy specials are coming on, however Grumpy is now obsessing about the film Jaws. There are so many books and websites to read the special could take some time.

Grumpy is also obsessed with the decline in bees, butterflies and insects and is planning flowers and plants in the allotment to encourage them. Some discussion on the Splat-o-meter for measuring insect decline ensues and Lippy isn’t convinced it’s the best tool for declining species.

Which part of a plane do you strengthen? In the Second World War this was a questioned posed to engineers with details of where returning planes had damage. The answer may not be immediately obvious.

Lippy & Grumpy’s favourite tool, WD-40 has many uses, some unusual and we have picked two from a long list.

More on Zippo lighters, with a less wasteful way of starting a fire.

There have been a few allotment disasters, mostly to do with the weather and the timing of holidays, however rhubarb is doing very well. Somehow we get from planting flowers to Grumpy’s Grandmother’s laundry equipment.

Lippy’s top tip is to do with measuring and is more stating the obvious. Grumpy has a shark related fact, he is obsessed.

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