Episode 44

Twotter spotter merch, Lippy order chaos, flying through a tunnel and why don’t you see new cement mixers

2021, Episode 44   |   34 min

On various social media, we showed one of Grumpy’s new purchases and asked what it was. Many listeners of a certain age got it right – it’s a pickled onion fork, as demonstrated by Grumpy on the ‘gram.

We had a picture of a Twotter sent in and Lippy & Grumpy are considering L&G Twotter Spotter merch.

Wife of Grumpy had a breakdown needing a new coolant tank cap, but not after Grumpy had invested in yet another tool.

Lippy’s had an adventure with ordering skin cream for an expecting friend, yet Grumpy can’t work out what’s wrong with a big tub of E45.

The recent hot weather means Lippy is keeping the rather odd light fitting/fan in her bedroom, inherited from the previous owner. Apparently it’s very effective at cooling the room.

We’ve found the latest e-scooter craze isn’t new, dating back to 1916, with some brilliant photographs, adverts and articles from the time.

Grumpy is not only disappointed in Christmas trees appearing in The Range, wife of Grumpy has bought four advent calendars already.

Why don’t you see brand new cement mixers in use? If you see one on a building site let us know.

Grumpy has discovered that a French company has perfected the art of transforming urine into agricultural fertilizer. We’ve found a local brewery that is reusing the heat generated in one part of the brewing process to heat the offices and provide heat earlier in the process.

The Tesla Model X has warnings when you set off with the gull winged door open, which was ignored by a driver ending up in an expensive accident. Unfortunately, all captured on video.

Lippy & Grumpy are in awe of Dario Costa who flew his Red Bull stunt plane through two Turkish tunnels at an altitude of 70cm. Fortunately, all captured on video.

Would you eat salmon cooked in a dishwasher. Lippy says no, Grumpy thinks it’s a time saving tip.

One thing that makes Grumpy grumpy are grubby road signs. The German’s have the answer for this and it’s a wonderful collaboration of engineering.

Lippy has a somewhat odd top tip and Grumpy revisits last week’s fun fact thanks to a message from the Screaming Tomato.

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