Episode 45

Grumpy slips in some car related topics, our favourite gameshows and lots of listener feedback

2021, Episode 45   |   37 min

We survived DIY Sunday, without injury, a minor mistake with the delivery of timber and finished in time to watch an eventful Grand Prix.
Lots of listener feedback this week, which we are grateful for, including a very complicated post about survivorship bias. Orange Marshall 2 informs us that you can report dirty motorway signs via the Highways England website. We’ve also had a joke from the Screaming Tomato. Or at least we think it’s a joke, we’re not 100% sure.
Grumpy’s keen on Land Rover Defenders, nevertheless he’s not sure about the new model and very suspicious about the electric towbar as demonstrated on Harry’s Farm. Keeping with the car theme, we’ve found peak car button in a 1987 Nissan Gloria, which sports a separate hi-fi system worthy of a lounge. The Gloria also features the largest wing mirrors ever seen. Meanwhile Lippy thought that the terms wing mirror and door mirror are synonymous and called wing mirrors because they look like wings.
Grumpy has had another vehicle breakdown and is still refusing to buy something newer.
We both love a gameshow, although, not surprisingly, Grumpy has some fixed guidelines when watching a new show. The conversation turns to creating our own game show, which includes a fair amount of cheese.
Grumpy’s surprised about the number of mattress adverts on the TV at certain times of the day and wonders whether you have to return the mattress in the original packaging if you want to return it.
Lippy has two top tips this week and makes up for the last two week’s slightly rubbish tips. Grumpy’s fact goes on for a bit, nevertheless is worth the wait
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