Episode 46

We’ve found a new cement mixer, a bowl of custard, unusual police names and cooling pavements

2021, Episode 46   |   33 min

Grumpy’s been looking into the history of podcasting and has found the term first appeared in 2004. There’s now over 2 million podcasts and over 48 million episodes. Thanks for listening!

The Nissan Gloria last week produced an outpouring of love for car buttons over touch screens. Orange Marshall 2 rose to the new cement mixer challenge and found one in use.

Lippy has been exercising the pedantic gene over a bowl of custard proving it’s important to be precise. Somehow we start to talk about the odd method the French use for counting.

We look though a list of unusual police department names, mostly in the US. Our favourite, not surprisingly, is the Sandwich Police.

Lippy has a list of busted myths including the origin of fortune cookies and that Napoleon was measured in French feet, which are larger than the English imperial system.

Wife of Grumpy has found Polish Dragon Boat tug of war, which is an frenetic activity.

Douglas Smith has smashed the World Record by growing 839 cherry tomatoes from a single stem. Grumpy’s mate managed three from an entire greenhouse.

News of a special paint to reflect heat on pavements and roads has reached Grumpy Towers and we really impressed.

Lippy’s had a good day presenting and training her colleagues, and will be the continuity announcer at the Cranleigh Lions Classic Car Show on 14 August 2022.

Lippy has a cake related top tip and Grumpy goes berserk with a fun fact.

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