Episode 47

Thunderbirds Day, Grumpy’s new favourite joke, Lippy’s late night adventure and Ed Sheeran’s pond

2021, Episode 47   |   40 min

​We don’t want to talk about the current petrol shortage in the UK, nevertheless we don’t want people to judge others based on a picture only. We had a good laugh about the BBC reporter Phil McCann covering the shortage.

Grumpy’s pleased that Alfa Romeo are committed to not building a car around an iPad and Lippy has been eying up electric cars. Until she worked out the price.

Thunderbirds Day was yesterday, we believe, celebrating the first broadcast of Grumpy’s childhood favourite TV series, Thunderbirds. Grumpy has an explanation for Supermarionation, a word that foxed him for many years.

Lippy fully approves of Grumpy’s new favourite joke, albeit a bit on the cheesy side.

Lippy has had a trip out to the big smoke, fed celery to meerkats and freaked out in a dark park late at night.

We present some myths about defibrillators, not a work that Lippy can pronounce easily. Actually there’s only one myth, however the message is, get trained to use a defibrillator, you might save a life.

Grumpy has found some weird customs around the world and has an odd occupation in Japan and an unusual use of cinnamon in Denmark.

We look at one of the award winners for the Ig Noble awards for this year and come to the conclusion the premise was dreamt up one Saturday night in the pub.

We’re both lusting after the Mini Moke, relaunched in 2017 and soon to be made solely in the UK, although the next batch is only 56 cars.

Grumpy has found some rural skirmishes, including  ASBOs for animals and Ed Sheeran’s pond.

Lippy finally remembered her top tip, which is related to the best time to turn up for an event. Grumpy’s fact involves playing golf on the moon.

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