Episode 48

Lippy’s engaged. And some other stuff

2021, Episode 48   |   35 min

Big news from Lippy, which means Grumpy can deploy some sound effects. Chris proposed to Lippy on their long weekend to Edinburgh and Grumpy is relieved as he’s known for a month and has almost let the cat out of the bag on a couple of occasions. Needless to say, wedding planning is now at full speed.

After Lippy’s experience in a park last week, the Screaming Tomato shared his experience with scaring hitchhikers and Grumpy met some new listeners in a rare trip to London.

Wife of Grumpy had a mishap with a plastic chopping board, filling the downstairs with smoke, fumes and a horrid smell.

We’ve found an article suggesting that a fuel thief siphoned from the toilet rather than the fuel tank. Grumpy thinks the story isn’t true, nevertheless grimaced at the thought and owns up about some stupidity with putting fuel stabiliser in the Mini ahead of the Brooklands Mini Day.

Grumpy has found a play in London called The Shark is Broken based on the relationship between the main three actors in Jaws, sat in the Orca waiting for the shark to work, perfect for our special on the film Jaws, once Grumpy has finished reading every book in existence on the subject.

We both want to go to the Edinburgh Fringe one year, which is where The Shark is Broken originated, however not sure how you choose what to watch.

We both like a biscuit and have our favourites, however the burning question is how long can you dunk them for? Fortunately Wren Kitchens have carried out some extensive research into the matter.

Not surprisingly Lippy has a wedding based top tip and Grumpy a car based fun fact.

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