Episode 49

Batman, satellites, Captain Kirk, and we’re beginning  to talk a lot like Christmas

2021, Episode 49   |   34 min

We celebrate a year of podcasting and thank you for wishing Lippy well with her engagement.

Tickets have been booked for The Shark is Broken and we’re both looking forward to seeing the play in January.

Grumpy’s not a fan of inspirational messages on the socials, nevertheless has found one involving Batman that meets his approval. And he slips in an early fun fact regarding the misuse of apostrophes, meanwhile Lippy averts an apostrophe dilemma with her wedding invitation.

Lippy is keen to get her wedding planned as soon as possible and has made appointments for venues and dresses over the next few weeks. Somehow we drift into the topic of data protection, not for long though.

Grumpy has a video clip of the Japanese subway pushers who make sure the doors close on a very full train by pushing people into the train.

Sky are ditching the dish and offering a single television offering all of the online streaming platforms with no additional boxes and a single remote control and no more “what side is Bosch on?” Grumpy reminisces about the satellite companies in the late 1980s with the squareial offered by British Satellite Broadcasting.

Grumpy is very excited about the return of the Lancia Delta as an electric vehicle although concerned about Italian wiring having owned two Deltas in the past.

We’re excited that the original Captain Kirk, William Shatner, at the age of 90 is going into space on the Blue Origin rocket and should be back on earth by the time you read this. Lippy has a top prank for a space trip, which would probably mean unemployment by the end of the day.

Blankety Blank is back on TV and Grumpy is enjoying it. Short, simple and fun, all good qualities for a game show.

Lippy had to leave a note on a car after some inconsiderate parking outside of her house. People, please park considerately!

Lippy has been munching on biscuits again and this week it’s the classic crunch cream.

Talk turns to Christmas, Grumpy is attempting to make Christmas trees from used horseshoes for the Lions market stall, which opens in November.

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