Episode 50

Captain Kirk goes into space, RUCSAC, sprinkle gate and Lippy’s new clock

2021, Episode 50   |   37 min

Grumpy’s a bit confused about the Sky Glass tv and service covered in last week’s podcast and Lippy thinks her tv offers all that Glass has to offer. Who knows?

Captain Kirk has been up into space with Blue Origin and we’ve both laughed at a spoof article that he’s having to work off the cost of his ticket in an Amazon factory. At least we think it’s a spoof.

From a question in Richard Osman’s House of Games, Grumpy and Wife of Grumpy had very different ideas for what the R in RUCSAC stood for, the mnemonic that stands for the six steps that students need to take when tackling a maths question.

More angst in the baking industry, this time it’s the sprinkles used by a Leeds bakery. We suspect this may go on for some time.

Lippy’s started watching iZombie on Netflix for the second time and it sounds like a cracking series, not your usual screaming, running zombie apocalypse.

The arrival of a new clock at Lippy’s house has sparked a very odd conversation. Needless to say there will be some mocking for a very long time.

From another question in Richard Osman’s House of Games, Grumpy has discovered a 50,000 word book that contains no words with the letter e. Initially keen to read this somewhat odd piece of work, Grumpy has decided it would be hard work and not worth the effort.

B&M have a Christmas reindeer that’s a bit too anatomically correct. A great piece of PR.

Grumpy has been investigating baked beans for some reason and has uncovered a number of interesting facts. One thing is for sure, we both like a how are they made programme.

Grumpy is very dismissive of most metrics, particularly if they are simple to establish, and has an example of this.

Lippy has a top tip following an expensive trip to the picture framers.

No fun fact from Grumpy this week, instead a fantastic podcast about Jaws called Jaws for a Minute. Our special edition on Jaws is coming, albeit very slowly.

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