Episode 51

More baked beans, vending machine sausages, aggressive otters and can you have too much pi?

2021, Episode 51   |   33 min

We start by morning the passing of James Michael Tyler aka Gunther from Friends, a great character in a great series.

Grumpy’s been counting beans and has calculated there are a staggering 2,935 beans in a 2.62kg catering tin.

The Screaming Tomato has been in touch with a name he came up with for a software system. It was very rude and we won’t repeat it here. He did redeem himself with PIOSEE though.

We’re on Audible!!!! Albeit in an odd category.

It’s bonfire season and we both agree that it’s a weird and macabre event. Nevertheless, bonfire building meant Grumpy bumped into Orange Marshal 2 and Davros, both of which had interesting stories to tell.

Italy has a pizza making vending machine, Germany has a sausage vending machine for late night feasts. In addition to a selection to sausages it also vends eggs and we can’t help think they will be broken by the time you get your hands on them.

Davros revealed the origin of the word lurgi and it’s not what you would think. Fitting as Lippy has been suffering with the lurgi for a couple of days.

You may think of otters as cute creatures, however there is a rogue gang in Anchorage, chasing children and dogs. Beware!

Lippy’s married name is an unusually spelt common word, which is causing her some grief. Grumpy has a case study of the brain subconsciously correcting something that’s wrong or different courtesy of his hero James Burke.

Someone’s built a conveyor belt from Lego to apply toppings to a pizza base and then cut the cooked pizza. Lippy then goes on a bonfire night food fest.

Grumpy has a new induction hob and he’s very, very impressed despite only having a few pans that work.

Lippy has stocked up for Halloween and will be restocking due to consumption. Grumpy’s not a fan. Surprise, surprise.

You can have too much pi,  62.8 trillion digits to be precise. Why?

Lippy’s top tip involves how to avoid injury when scaring your friends and Grumpy’s top tip combines space travel and a favourite actor.

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