Episode 52

Bond at Beaulieu, Christmas film decorations, washing machine filters and our audio advent calendar

2021, Episode 52   |   39 min

Lippy is feeling better this week, although had a pre-recording nap after a fun-filled day off including pottery painting.

The Screaming Tomato has sent some married name funnies in and incorrectly guessed Lippy’s married name, which is causing some spelling problems.

Grumpy’s been on a trip to the Bond exhibition at Beulieu with a fine array of cars and other objects from the latest film. He was taken by a motorbike that had been ridden through 54 countries in 7 continents and is looking forward to reading Steph Jeavons’ book of her adventures.

Lippy admits to watching Christmas films in November and Grumpy has spotted a decoration based on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, one of his favourite Christmas films. Lippy’s planning on making some Christmas decorations, which somehow leads to a discussion about a moth covering moustache.

Grumpy’s perplexed by the throwing of coins in ponds and fountains. Whilst there is a long established tradition, coin throwing has lead to the demise of wildlife, so maybe it’s time to stop.

We discuss the smuggling of a corned beef sandwich into space, the fall out and the sandwich’s current home in a NASA museum. Lippy somehow thinks that the museum is in Reading, which it isn’t.

The Thames Barrier quietly gets on with its job of protecting the capital and has had it’s 200th lowering since opening in 1982. We’re planning a Lippy & Grumpy trip to see the gubbins.

Lippy has been to Costco after more confusion about Reading and we both agree it’s a great place to shop for bulk buys and free tasters. Lippy has been eying up trees in Costco with lights already fitted. Grumpy is not so sure having had bad experiences with Christmas lights over the years.

It’s our local bonfire this weekend, Grumpy will be compering and encouraging people to donate to the Cranleigh Lions.

Brooklands have sent out a very nice badge to members that kept their membership running during lockdown with a card signed by Damon Hill. A very pleasant surprise.

Lippy is contemplating Christmas cards this year. It will never happen!

We’ve found some interesting photos taken of delivered parcels, some people do pose for the photo. Lippy discovers the meaning of the arrow in the Amazon logo.

Grumpy has come across filters for washing machines that filter out micro plastics that end up in ocean and has put a deposit down for a Gulp unit. Lippy is also excited about this and suggested receiving one for Christmas.

We’re planning an audio advent calendar for December, 24 days of our tips and fun facts and Christmas music. What is there not to like?

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