Episode 54

Peter Pan, wedding dress shopping, is metal a liquid, holding an owl and car stereos

2021, Episode 54   |   35 min

Last week we talked about Disney and Peter Pan and it turns out that the animated film was made in 1953 by Disney.

Grumpy caused a kerfuffle on Facebook by showing a Christmas tree made from reclaimed horseshoes, with the horseshoes apparently upside down.

Lippy has had a successful wedding dress shopping trip and typically Grumpy says “I’ve bought cars for a lot less”

Grumpy has been pondering whilst welding horseshoes to make Christmas trees, whether metal is a liquid in a similar way to glass being classed as between liquid and solid. We expect research from the Screaming Tomato.

We’re in awe of the Peddling Picasso who has created an image on a Strava map depicting a man’s head with a moustache with a bicycle. Three months in the planning and 8 hours to cycle. Grumpy suggests that with her new FitBit, Lippy attempts something similar.

We both fancy robbing a bank, however don’t fancy prison, so the Money Heist Experience in London seems to be the perfect solution.

At a wedding fair, Lippy had the opportunity to hold an owl, which was an amazing experience. Despite the staring and head swiveling. Grumpy has had to rescue young blue tits from Lippy’s old bedroom.

Grumpy is very excited at the discovery of sound mirrors on Romney Marsh in Kent, an early form of radar.

We have a quote from the late Rik Mayall that sums our podcast perfectly.

Grumpy has found a 1980’s car stereo to beat the Nissan Gloria.

Grumpy’s allotment has had a delivery of over 6 tons of top quality compost from the Royal Horseguards, no excuse for not growing anything next year.

Lippy has a FitBit top tip and Grumpy has a geo-political fun fact.

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