Episode 55

Sucking the monkey, the F1 crash bill for 2021, synthetic fuel and a Lippy double bill

2022, Episode 55   |   31 min

Happy New Year!

We’re after a bit of an abrupt break. The good news is Lippy has a new job and isn’t at home every day, which caused a bit of a scheduling hiccup. The bad news is that Grumpy has had various tests and has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. It’s contained, small, slow growing and very treatable. We’re all confident it can be eradicated.

Following on from the last episodes back in November, the Screaming Tomato has found another micronation, this time in Australia called the Principality of Hutt River, which has suffered the same fate as Sealand; not being recognised.

Also the Screaming Tomato has found a thing called Sucking the Monkey, where sailors in days gone by would help themselves to liquor in barrels by making a small hole and using a straw to drink its contents. Whether that’s why the barrel containing the body of Admiral Horatio Nelson arriving in England was empty is not known. The act is also know as Taping the Admiral and there is a pub so named in Kentish Town, London.

The photo of the Clarion stereo system we featured in the last episode is real, no Photoshopping here.

Our audio advent calendar worked in Davros’ favour where one the more obscure fun facts won him the office Christmas quiz. Well done Davros!

Grumpy is slightly confused by Christmas cards that can be reused as a post card. Given the picture is a Christmas scene, when do you send them?

After a controversial end of season Formula 1 race, we found the crash costs for each driver in 2021. The bills are eye watering expensive.

Grumpy wonders whether James Bond’s aim in life is to travel the world annoying bad people and has spotted the fact that ventriloquists laugh at their own jokes.

Lippy has started wedding invites and the guest numbers for the day are creeping up.

We discuss a Tesla owner in Singapore that had a rather high tax bill based on emissions. Grumpy has a confession about vehicles that have a zero emissions badge.

The first flight using synthetic petrol has taken place and the future and credentials of this are looking good.

Nod crafty was Susie Dent’s word of the day from December, and we’re both guilty of doing it.

What shape do you think goat’s pupils are? The answer might surprise you.

Leicester are putting gardens on the top of bus shelters with plants to attract bees and other pollinating insects. Bravo we say and can we have them down here please?

Lippy has a caps lock top tip and a smelly fun fact.

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