Episode 59

Celebrity cheques, selling jars, the Loch Ness Monster and selling a country

2022, Episode 59   |   36 min

Lippy & Grumpy record on a Sunday morning for the first time. Guess who forgot!

A friend of Grumpy has pointed him at Funko Pops and the Jaws characters in particular. We think they are very cool.

Salvador Dali used to doodle on the back of cheques paid to restaurants, often meaning they weren’t paid in. Michael Jackson wrote ticket refund cheques himself, with a low cash rate.

We’ve discovered that Stephanie Matto was selling jars of her flatulence, until her very specific diet caused a trip to A&E.

Lippy’s bathroom tiling is coming on well, albeit a bit behind schedule. Fingers crossed for completion on time.

The Loch Ness Monster has been spotted again in Loch Ness and in Wimbledon. Grumpy reminisces about a trip to Scotland.

We talk about Gregor McGregor who scammed £24million in the 19th century by selling bonds in a country that didn’t exist.

Lippy recommends Fyre Festival on Netflix and Grumpy has a list of programmes from various sources he’s enjoyed. Your mileage may vary.

We turn our attention to the Winter Olympics and we’re both looking forward to the skier and snowboard cross. Grumpy reveals the only football fact he knows.

Lippy was shocked about the latest firing in The Apprentice, Grumpy was distracted by a jigsaw.

We’re off on a ski trip soon and Grumpy has been investigating the price of ski lift passes, probably in too much detail.

Lippy has a calendar based top tip and Grumpy a lightening based fun fact.

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