Episode 60

The Long Tom Pass,  Great White sharks, potato milk, two Grumpy rants and an electric road

2022, Episode 60   |   38 min

Lippy’s been to a football match and was so disappointed she left before the end.

We had some live feedback from Davros as he listed to last week’s podcast on Friday afternoon. The Screaming Tomato has a cracking fact about howitzers.

Following Lippy’s comment about the tiler being a “character”, Grumpy talks about vehicle recovery operators and how chirpy they can be, which can be received in many ways.

A great white shark has been spotted close to the south coast. Lippy reveals she fancies going in a shark cage. Not for Grumpy.

We talk about film locations around our respective homes and somehow get onto the subject of an engine manufacturing company.

Michigan is building a one-mile stretch of road that can wirelessly charge electric vehicles while they’re driving on it, which is brilliant. the topic changes to smart motorways, which aren’t so brilliant. We talk about the electric taxis in London and the saving in fuel for the drivers.

A TikTok video, which Grumpy still doesn’t understand, has shown a gentleman in Leeds pulling a caravan along a road. A very brave man.

Recent vegan (plus fish) convert Grumpy has found potato milk, however won’t be trying it.

Lippy’s bathroom is coming on well, looks fantastic although taking a bit longer than expected. Worth the wait.

Grumpy has a rant about aftermarket car parts after changing hoses on his elderly Volvo estate.

Last Friday was a slight disappointment as the large Russian transporter plane that Grumpy was expecting to land at Dunsfold Park turned out to be a much smaller Ukrainian Antonov.

Grumpy has a rant about motorway service station tea pots that don’t pour as you would expect. Believe it or not this was triggered by the pot in a urine sample kit. Lippy has had a toilet flushing dilemma at the football, however was impressed by the free sanitary products.

There seem to be a spate (well, two) hustle type films based on true stories. Lippy & Grumpy have seen one and were quite shocked by the ending.

This week’s top tip and fun fact both involve water.

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