Episode 61

War of the Worlds, teapots, large refund cheques and how to win at roulette

2022, Episode 61   |   35 min

​Another live update from Davros, keep them coming!

Lippy has had a fun weekend to celebrate Chris’ birthday, including a trip to the War of the Worlds experience in London.

Charlotte has entered the Shine Night Walk, 26 miles through London in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Grumpy has been looking into stainless steel teapots and why they are so rubbish at pouring. There’s not a lot of information and some of it is very technical. Fluid dynamics, don’t you know.

Gareth Hughes has received a massive compensation cheque from his electricity provider, probably enough to pay all of our bills this year in the UK.

Grumpy has found the ideal bungalow for sale in Southampton, with one of his favourite objects in the front garden.

Lippy is not a fan of the latest craze of watching planes land at Heathrow during a storm.

We discuss how a gentleman in American won the equivalent of $8,000,000 in the late 60s by painstakingly analysing roulette wheels.

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