Episode 62

Tea tin tirade, lost passports, recycling facemasks and fish operated vehicles

2022, Episode 62   |   37 min

Grumpy has discovered the tea caddy has been left empty and he’s not happy.

Lippy & Grumpy’s ski trip has been abandoned after wife of Grumpy lost passports and Chris ended up on crutches after a game of football.

A live update from Davros, which is very welcome as is his donation for Charlotte’s Shine Walk in September. Davros is keen to hear the fate of the roulette hustler and we’re pleased to say he lived to a grand old age.

Lippy’s bathroom is nearly complete and whilst planning to wait until it was finished before using it, Chris’ football injury means an early bath.

Grumpy has found a list of bridal customs including why fathers walk brides down the aisle. Somehow Grumpy manages to compare bridesmaid’s dresses and The Italian Job film, albeit the second one.

We’re delighted that discarded face masks have been turned into batteries. We don’t understand how this can be done, nor how the face masks can be plucked out of rubbish, nevertheless what a winner.

Lippy has a mid-episode top tip as she has recycled clothes with H&M and received a £5 voucher.

We’ve discovered lidar sensors on cars and ponder why Elon Musk isn’t a fan.

Could rotating black eyed peas as a crop reduce the amount of fertiliser used. Queue some poor jokes by both Lippy and Grumpy.

An experiment has seen the construction of a Fish Operated Vehicle where goldfish can manoeuvre their tank past obstacles to common point. Quite why is a mystery. We talk about squirrels and then fail to understand how you task a fish.

Grumpy has a think about letter boxes at the bottom of the door and it turns out that the Communications Worker Union have been fighting against this since 1958.

It turns out that when you unsubscribe from an email list this is actioned by a donkey called Kevin.

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