Episode 97

More midnight malarkey, lots about aliens and where have all the social media posts gone?

2023, Episode 97   |   41 min

Grumpy has some very good news regarding his treatment for prostate cancer.

Following a conversation with The Screaming Tomato, we’ve discovered that it’s much cheaper to insure the same car in the UK than in Australia.

We’ve discovered incorrect details about 3D and 4D numberplates in the tabloid press. We’re not surprised.

In changing car insurers Grumpy has discovered a two minute gap between the two insurance policies where technically you are not insured.

Duck boy has a request for the Lippy & Grumpy take on aliens and UFOs. We go on a rambling journey through does life exist on other planets, aliens living on Earth, what space tastes like, faked moon landings and as there isn’t a right way up in space, can navigation be confusing?

In excuse corner, Grumpy explains why there haven’t been any social media posts since December and doesn’t really explain why he hasn’t updated the Lippy & Grumpy website in over a year.

After a sten do in Bournemouth, Lippy’s poses the question “how do you feel about a church being turned into a nightclub”.

Did you know street lamps used to run on the gas produced in a sewer? Not a pleasant thought, nevertheless a great use of something we don’t really want to have to deal with.

Lippy’s entered a fantasy F1 team and busy swapping drivers and teams around. Grumpy finds it far too complicated!

Grumpy’s took a mate who has never experience the middle of Lidl on a shopping trip to buy a plasma cutter. They were there a long time.

We’ve pretty much given up with The Apprentice, the format is tired and needs retiring after a final episode that sees the expert business people completing a task in the same conditions as the contestants.

For this episode, Lippy has replaced her top tip with Lippy’s New Skill and it’s a corker.

Grumpy has a navigation themed fun fact.

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