Episode 98

Space, lions and code words, Lippy’s first aid kit, creepy Tesco advert and making a mint from plastic bottles

2023, Episode 98   |   41 min

​Plus, talking at concerts, cost of seeing Stonehenge, headbutting a horse, the spring equinox and ChatGPT corner

Comments from the Screaming Tomato about reused churches and cars left idling.

Grumpy had an amazing trip to the Mullard Space Laboratory where they were showing their PanCam camera to be used on the next Mars Rover. Grumpy quite fancies working there, however no jobs to be had.

Following going to a tribute band at a local venue, Grumpy has a rant about people talking during concerts at a small venue. He’s not the only one and there doesn’t seem to be an answer.

Grumpy and Wife of Grumpy had a fabulous trip to Longleat and found the code word for taking a short cut through the estate from the pub to the campsite. On the way home, we were then shocked by the cost of entry at Stonehenge.

For Lippy’s honeymoon, which isn’t far away now, she’s packing a comprehensive first aid kit. Grumpy is very proud!

The Horse Whisperer had an incident with a horse and nobody was brave enough to tell Lippy following her “no accidents” diktat.

We’re both freaked out by the Tesco advert with the “happy” face. Please. no more.

Scotland are planning to apply a 20p deposit on plastic bottles, which can be refunded when deposited in a special bottle bank. Someone has worked out that you can tie string to the bottle and continually put the bottle in, collect 20p and retrieve it.

We didn’t know that the equinox meant that most or the world had the same length day and night.

Grumpy has started ChatGPT corner, which is a thinly disguised rant.

Lippy has a good top tip, albeit recycled. Grumpy has a fun fact from the Mullard Space Laboratory.

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