2023 Episodes

All of the Lippy & Grumpy podcasts from 2023 for your delight!

Episode 105

Outrageous refunds, slow supermarket lanes, buying Stonehenge and is it an ick?

Plus, when did the 20th century start, McDonalds’ opening times, F1, munge, Doom, lap custard and bus routes. Full episode details…
2023 Episode 105 | 32 min

Episode 104

What we got up to over the summer

Including, Floyd has landed, Le Mans Classic, Festival of Speed, camping in Swanage, building a pergola, redundancy, classic car shows, Weyfest, Christmas dinner in August and a wine trip to Norfolk. Full episode details…
2023 Episode 104 | 33 min

Episode 103

Life lessons from Bond villains, can a spoon stop prosecco going flat, short naps and swallowing Lego

Plus, fessing up, the names of John Melloncamp, Cranleigh Carnival, time travel, Lippy’s DIY project, pandas, Le Mans Classic and pointing out mistakes. Full episode details…
2023 Episode 103 | 39 min

Episode 102

Twotter spotting, turbo irons, cheese chasing and a fish finger recommendation

Plus, airless tyres, the Betteridge Law of Headlines, high-jacking social media, Facebook memories, where Lidl and Aldi combine, toy car photos, talking at concerts, force fields, taking the Swiss out of Toblerone and computer printers. Full episode details…
2023 Episode 102 | 38 min

Episode 101

Lippy & Duckboy get married

Lippy and Grumpy reflect on a fantastic day and Lippy talks about some of her honeymoon adventures, including scuba diving, an helicopter ride and winning $26 in Vegas. Full episode details…
2023 Episode 101 | 38 min

Episode 100

Lippy & Duckboy get married tomorrow

Lippy and guest star Duckboy amble from courting through proposal to planning their big day. Full episode details…

2023 Episode 100 | 35 min

Episode 99

The Benner Cycle, 3D food printing, human arrows and vending machines

Plus, finding new music with Spotify, Lippy’s first aid kit, can you cook a chicken by slapping it, UK emergency alert and squeaky shoes. Full episode details…

2023 Episode 99 | 34 min

Episode 98

Space, lions and code words, Lippy’s first aid kit, creepy Tesco advert and making a mint from plastic bottles

Plus, talking at concerts, cost of seeing Stonehenge, headbutting a horse, the spring equinox and ChatGPT corner. Full episode details…

2023 Episode 98 | 41 min

Episode 97

More midnight malarkey, lots about aliens and where have all the social media posts gone?

Plus, medical good news, Australia vs UK car insurance, tabloids getting the law wrong, sewer powered lamps, fantasy F1, Middle of Lidl, giving up on The Apprentice and Lippy’s New Skill. Full episode details…

2023 Episode 97 | 41 min

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